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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Emera Inc. (EMA)!

I don’t know for you, but in my world, Mondays always sucked. And this Monday was one of those Monday. I wake up late so I did not even eat breakfast home – which makes me spend money. What a great way to begin the day! But I have my lunch at least. And since I wake up late, I haven’t place my automatic purchase order for my investment in Emera Inc. (EMA). In result, I added in some Emera Inc. (EMA) stocks in my portfolio only today.... You know how it goes around here... let’s make some NOISE and make Emera Inc. (EMA) feels like home. Now, Emera Inc. (EMA) belong in my non-registered portfolio for the rest of my life, which should be around 50 years or so of it I guess.

In result of the trading activity of today, my non-registered portfolio is at a very good $126 259.84. This is quite exciting because I don’t remember having that much in my non-registered portfolio never ever. So this is a score! AND... Are you ready?

My non-registered portfolio is in the positive gain!!! I am at +0.89%!!!

The positive gain is low, but just told yourself that, at least, it’s in the positive mark.

I have used $50 793.40 of my margin account and I have left an amount of $17 499.70. Those two numbers are on date of yesterday. I have some interesting dividend income that had come in, so my margin could be less than the number above. My goal was not to exceed the 50k on the margin and to have a 15k left on it. I am pretty closed of my numbers for now.

It would be important to decrease my usage of my margin. A 50k is a bit high. In the eventually of a bear market coming in, it could be a good idea to inject a few thousands on my margin account. It’s terribly hard to find a balance between investing and paying debt when you are a secretly ambitious stock investor. (I am writing secretly because between you and me, no one else know).

It’s very hard because I only want my dividend income and portfolio to grow grow grow. And with this all today recent 0.89% (ALMOST 1% READERS!!!) gain, the excitement make me wanted some more. Will this ever stop? Probably not! Unless... I get pregnant and meet a nice gentleman. Will it ever happen to me? If it goes, forget about investing any longer at such space. I once asked my mom why her and my dad didn’t have more money than that. Well, the answer was: we give it all to you (me and my bro). And you know what, raising a family is expensive. So if in my life I ever find love, there probably be no longer blogging, no more sexy over here, sexy over there, moron over here, moron over there. There will be no more social exhibition. If it happen, you’ll probably going to miss me a lot, I know.

Until there, I will be rocking on that place.


Anonymous said...

Have the cake and eat it too. Find a millionaire to marry and you can have both money and kids. !!

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a millionaire in unowned assets? Lots of those out there. The rest are looking to consolidate the millions they already have, not share it or finance someone's debt. So Sunny this is the first time I've ever even heard you talk about MAYBE having a relationship. I think your parents would be happier if you settled down. Time marches on regardless. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I think Sunny loves $$$$ more than men:)


Anonymous said...

Minus the debt your still around 50,000 which you reached three years ago. 2009-2012 was a good period of recovery, how did you do so poorly

Sunny said...

Thank you so much your big moron for the kind words.


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