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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine is hitting on the block: hello 124k non-registered portfolio

Whenever the TSX goes up, generally speaking, my portfolio also increases in value. This time is no exception. My non-registered portfolio is at a very good $124 313.24. I got a nice hair cut and I have my coloration done this evening. I was in need of a beauty fix. Now that I look pretty again, I don’t know what I am about to do next. Sorry, I cannot write no more, I am getting tired.

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Anonymous said...

Relax, regroup & do nothing is sometimes best for life and one's portfolio. Besides the market will probably bounce around in the short-term until the end of February when real decisions will need to be made. I suspect this year in the finacial markets will be not much different from last year - demographically speaking real growth to the markets will not start to appear until 2018 or so... Cheers.


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