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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pretty money, I love to count my pennies. Pretty.

I just completed the manual and oh how long calculations of my... fortune. So I count penny per penny, investment per investment... And finally, the results are in! Are you ready for this?
My non-registered portfolio is at $126 853.21. My overall portfolio is popping the 170k and established itself at a very good $170 864.05. My net worth after debt is of $92 853.74. I should be able to get in the 100k net worth by the end of 2013 if the market goes like this for the rest of the year. My dividend income for January is interesting. So far, I am on $500+. The numbers are great and I just cannot wait to place my next investment move.

My margin account is safe for now. I am using $50 933.68 of my margin money and I have left available $18 072.40. I am exceeding my minimum fix at 15k, which is all good for now. Eventually, a 20k or even 25k would be even better for safety measures.

Some readers suggested me to pay off debt for now and wait for the bear market to kick in before investing more. This is a very good suggestion. I would like to have the ability to just wait, but I just cannot control myself. Just another one..... PLEASE.

Right now, an investment I keep thinking of is: Cineplex Inc. (CGX). This stock has great value, I think. I remember reading something on Susan Brunner blog about her assisting to a money conference and one person said that CGX was a good investment or something like that. The dividend yield is exceeding the 4% by a few ones and the dividend is paid MONTHLY. I love to receive dividend distribution on a monthly basis.

The 2012 financial results of Cineplex will be announced on February 7 so I plan to get in the game before that date. Which mean I will buy some Cineplex stocks before the 7th of February. The US has registered a very good year for movie entries so I guess it will be the same for Canada. I don’t recall exactly where I read that. Anyway, adding in some Cineplex Inc. stocks seem for me to be a nice way to diversify my portfolio. 

This is a good weekend to be spent in jogging and go to the movies. I saw that movie about the 9-11 events and about Ben Laden, how he was found and killed, Zero Dark Thirty. That movie should never been made. It’s a provocation for the extremists to wake up again. I felt very upset after watching Zero Dark Thirty. It’s a complete lack of social consideration. If the US get ever target again with a terrorist act, they will be the only ones to be blame. Everything is for the money in Hollywood. War is not something to be celebrated. Ben Laden was killed, but other were kills too. And we don't know who those people were. Americans were celebrating in the streets when Ben Laden was killed. After that, the US wondering why their country is hated a bit everywhere around the globe.

Extreme arrogance, vanity will cost Americans a lot more than what it has did in the past. I don’t suggest anyone to go see Zero Dark Thirty despite the “take your breath away” effect it’s giving you from the beginning to the end. Why? Because its something you need to watch. Disgusting movie. The Hollywood industry is full of shit to have release such a damn thing. Zero Dark Thirty is just another US shame. A provocative act to wake up Al Quaida and terrorists. That is what its all about. War is wanted by Americans so they'll be able to push further their poor economy. How many others will have to die?

We all have our own life to live and its a good thing that I am not an American. I spent my time today counting and counting my pennies. The arrogance of some shouldn't keep us from living our lives the way we want. Nothing has to be disturb. US is such a f up country. Darling is happy to be a Canadian. Especially after watching Zero Dark Thirty.


Ruth said...

watched that CGX since it was 34 u think Sunny it is at it's peak and not much to grow, i like it though. did you sell Just Energy? I finally made money on MS , waited a year, learned tht sometimes patience is virtue but waited to long on JE and Pengrowth. you wont change your mind on BCE or Enbridge...solid stocks. ps..first time u have mentioned a man and marriage/babies. like that.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

As for wedding and babies, I am 32 of age. Its now or ever to begin my man hunting, especially knowing that I have less than 20 years ahead to conceive babies. After what my only option will be adoption. See the problem?

I guess I had exposed another side of me that is just like surprising everyone out there and its real funny. You taught you knew me? Maybe not, after all, even after a few years reading me on and on and on.

I keep you post for sure on how my man hunting is doing. The search for Mister Right has begun.

I really like Cineplex. I think a 1k investment will be all right in this company. That stock could gain valuable value in the years to come. The dividend is ok and paid monthly - two things that I really like.

I still hold my Just Energy stocks, like you can see on my latest update. I cannot wait for Just Energy to post its 2012 financial results. We may have great surprises ahead.

Enbridge is in my portfolio Ruth, and for quite some time.

As for BCE, I haven't change my mind. I don't like that stock, but I like ENB.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Liquid said...

I bought CGX last year and wrote an entry about how much I like this company (^_^) I think it's a great long term stock with the possibly to grow its dividends over time. Great job on hitting the $170K in assets :D and I'm sure $100K net worth goal for you this is year is no problem because you are very thrifty.

pattirose said...

I'm counting my pretty pennies today. I sold HRX I lost $200 on the share price but the special divy was 1000 so I made 800 on it.
I wouldn't have that $800 if it wasn't for you, thanks!!!

Hope you're feeling better.

Sunny said...

Hi Liquid, I have to go see on your blog what you said about Cineplex. I don't remember that post of yours.

Great to hear you enjoy the money on HRX Pattirose. I am feeling tired. The only thing I did this weekend was the update of my portfolio. I stayed in bed most of the day and again I am feeling desperately tired.


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