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Thursday, December 5, 2013

What do you want for Christmas Gifts?

I went back to the Source this past evening and I talked to the guy about the fabulous MP3 transformer that I wanted to buy for my brother - but the only problem I got was that if he had one already. So I asked if it could be return. Oh great question to be ask because everything related to MP3, even if its still in the box, it cannot be return or exchange. So knowing that, I gave a call to my brother. So I explain what I saw, that I was very excited about the gift but it wasn't exchangeable in case he already had it and... imagine, he already had it, but had a more expensive version of it. What I was going to offer him cost something like $80+ and the machine is not small, not extremely heavy, but still heavy for a bus ride Montreal-New Brunswick.

And than my brother told me I didn't have to buy him anything.


I guess its because HE didn't buy me anything for Christmas. Oh ggeees. But no matter what, I am the oldest, I am the richest, so I am the one buying Christmas gifts for everyone around and its kind of a tradition that I write my name and my brother name to all gifts provided to grandma and the rest because hey, I don't know, but bro is poor. And certainly spend too much.

I have a few great things for my self-employed work. I pass a test and I am going to work verrryyy soon. Nothing illegal, nothing explicit. This blog is enough explicit anyway. And no, I am not going to prostitute myself. That is not what I name as my self-employed work. And I am not a stripper either.

So who I am anyway? I guess you'll simply never know.

But I am happy to have that new gig starting out because you know it like me, I talk and talk and talk about getting more involve in my self-employed work but I never done really anything about it... But I now had acted. So I have 2 self-employed things going on doing what you will never know about and I also work full-time somewhere in Montreal doing X thing that you'll never too probably.

I mean, how can you live like that? How can you stand yourself without looking at my pretty face and pretty me, without knowing me. I am really taking away the dignity of my readers.

For Christmas, I would like:
-A 32" TV
-A new laptop
-A comfortable chair
-A little furniture to put the nice TV on.

Currently, I have a crust on a 32" Insigna TV at Future Shop. Sell end tomorrow at $212 and I have until tomorrow to buy it or not.

Or hey, you could buy it for me, why not?


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't buy the insignia, Wait for boxin day and get a smart tv, you can connect it to your network and surf the web

Sunny said...

Too late, I bought it!

I got it install on its feet and everything ALL BY MYSELF Wow. The TV seem to be working. Its good enough of me. At 212$ before tax, its probably one of the best deal I can get. It can get connected to a laptop too. I haven't tried yet. I really didn't want to spend that much on a TV.

I am going home for Christmas, so I will be in New Brunswick during Boxing Day. Its going to be difficult for me to shop around for hot deal.

If I can get started on my self-employed work, I will have enough to put aside on a new laptop. I HOPE.

Anonymous said...

I got a broken tv for free, had it fixed for 50 bucks. Bought a digital descrambler for 100 bucks. Hooked it up with rabbit ears and for free! NO MONTLY BILL!


Anonymous said...

Shaw had a satellite dish program for free, but it may have expired... Shaw LTSS Program. They installed a dish on my home (free) and have no monthly fees - basic TV (20 some channels). works for me and cheap :). If you lived in Ottawa area, I have a 32" LG we outgrew... - Cheers.


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