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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A friendly hello from your favorite Dividend Girl

I guess you wonder what happen to your favorite Dividend Girl! Where had I been? 

Well, I had been home watching TV! I bought an Insignia "32 TV for $212 at Future Shop. I had conducted experimentation with TV Antenna. I bought a cheap one at $29.99. I was able to get 2 channels with it. Knowing that I can get my money back within 30 days, I bought another antenna, close worth to $70 - and that one work better, I got 5 channels with it. I thing I will get my TV really next to the window to get better receptionut so far, I am having fun with my TV. I get TVA, Tele Quebec, CTV, Radio Canada in French and another French channel, canal V. No way I am going to pay $40+ to get cable at home, so I guess the $70 antenna will do the thing.

My non-registered portfolio is at its highest ever. I am now at $128 586.89... And my credit card balance its getting at its highest ever too. I am racking on the $1 500 and the month is not even over. But it was kind of expected. I did my Holidays gifts, went to the movies, bought a new necklaces, bought coffees like crazy, bought some clothes, a nice pajama at Reitman, makeup and a bunch of other things...  And not to forget my 32" TV and digital TV antenna. Once the month will be over, I guess my credit card will be at something like $1 800-$1 900. Pretty wild! And I didn't even get my hair done.... For once in my life, there will be no saving in December. I spent all of the money. WTF. I am not thinking of what my next investment will be, even if I already know!

Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B) announced its going to something like double its dividend. I was quite happy, those are great news. I hold CHR.B in my TFSA. I don't know how much my ? prospective ? dividend income will be for 2015. Anyway, I do not focus exclusively on my dividend income. My next investment is probably going to be in Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A) and I would also add in Stantec.

I would do my best to invest more in my TFSA. I wanted to have Saputo - which is my latest investment - in my TFSA, but its still in my non-registered portfolio. Why? Simply because I had spent quite some $$$ and I may take money from my credit line but to do so, I need to have a good margin value...

Anyway, you know the drill, its completed. 

I will be however able to cover all expenses, but I may withdraw $200 in cash for my trip in New Brunswick because I had experimented some problems with my credit card when I went home once something like that never happen to me in Montreal - but it happen in my hometown... what a gangster paradise, trying to make money out of fraudulent operations on my credit card. And I also need a coloration and haircut - which probably stand around the 40-$50 even while going at the beauty school. I am in deep need of coloration and hair cut. Like right now.

And now, I am going to watch TV so good night and talk later about money and sex and spending.


Amanda (Niagara Falls) said...

Chorus didn't quite double BUT had a 50% increase in their dividend payable Jan 17 2014

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what is the value of your portfolio today.

Sunny said...

Almost double than :)

My non-registered portfolio worth today: $123 720


Anonymous said...

You lost $4,867 in one day or 3.8% while the TSX was down 1.4%. That's a big loss; you are too heavily invested in gold, silver and small cap stocks.

Anonymous said...

sell SAP (Saputo)
do NOT but STN (Stantec)

Sunny said...

Hold on cowboy, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $126 298.38.

Ruth said...

this is the best column you have written in a long time and i am so pleased with are spending some money on yourself and having fun doing so . your only young once...the years will pass , you will have the money but youth will be lost..spend some of it and by only the best for deserve it.

Anonymous said...

SUnny-You would do better to ditch your brand new TV and just get all your channels from the net. You'll say big $$$ that way.




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