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Friday, December 20, 2013

Have a Merry Merry Christmas Investors!

I was quite please that my latest investment seem to push it to the top! Canada bread Company Ltd (CBY) closed today session at $80 per share! I had purchased my shares at $77.67. So that's a very greattt day to close the year 2013!! Youhou.

I will be away on vacation for a couple days so I am taking time to leave something behind so you won't miss too much...

My non-registered portfolio is currently at a hot $132 624.77, +$17 374.6, 15.08%. My margin is at $19 319.54 value. I am leaving a 5k on it. It should be enough until my return. My only worry-day will be this upcoming Monday, but I think 5k should be enough in those market conditions to support it all.

Complicated, you said? Live can be complicated while living it on margin.

The special dividend of CBY really worth it, even if you perform the hot BUY move on a margin like me. I don't think we'll experiment a big super drop on the value of CBY following December 30th because CBY had a high value even way before the extra special distribution of $8 per share had been announced. The stock is for me a blue chip, so nothing much to worry about. You could get stuck with it for a little while, but stocks like that always go to a way up, even after a year or 2 - like my HRX shares. Remember that one?

I place my option to get the max shares of Shoppers Drug Mart for cash and than I also select a tax option where I won't be penalize if any of my shares get turn in Loblaw shares. So that is done! It was the last little thing left on my to-do list before going to New Brunswick. I also get transfer a $90 that was lying in cash in my TFSA to my non-registered one. It will help to pay for my bus ticket.

I just received  a 1 dollar dividend from Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ).

Time for me to stop writing this post.

To all of my readers, I wish you a MERRY CHRIST'MAS and chat again later.


Anonymous said...

Explain how you calculate your real rate of return - with your margin/costs of borrowing, what you are doing to calculate does not look right. Example, I use the Modified Dietz Method which calculates inflows and outflows. You can't say you've earned 15% when you buy on margin (credit) and do not calculate in the costs of your debt. It's a fake return - you are doing much worse than you think (although reading your blog and with that chip on your shoulder, you would never admit it)

Derek said...

Merry Christmas, Dividend Girl!

Anonymous said...

I find your calculations very strange. You stated on your blog earlier "On September 9, 2010, I reached $100,000." Yet in October 2013 you state after all your margin and debt have $95,000. So you have actually lost $5000 over the last three years (at a minimum, as I don't think you calculate in the costs of borrowing). I really think you need to take some math classes.

Anonymous said...

Your non registered account is 132k but you forget to tell your reader that it was increased by you buying more stocks with your margin account. You bought over $3,000 of CBY using margin so although your non registered account is higher, your debt has also increased. Guess that's the only way you can increase your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

SUnny-What everyone is saying to you is you're not a very good score keeper, and after five years of reading your blog it seems you have little desire to learn. I just read this blog for purely entertainment.




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