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Monday, December 2, 2013

At TD Waterhouse, Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) now has a margin loan value of 70%

What does that mean? Well it mean that Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) worth some valuable money now. If TD Waterhouse increase the margin loan value of HRX, it mean that HRX has now a more reliable value in term of $$$. At TD Waterhouse, Heroux worth 70%. Which mean: if you have a $1 000 invested in Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX), it will procure a $700 cash in loan value. Cool isn't? Very cool, but the 70% value vary depending of the value of the stock, so the amount of the loan value change every second of the trading day. That's the tricky part, but hey, I am now a margin account expert! Oh yeah!

And during that time, Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) has completed it 2 for 1 split. I am kind of lost now in term of value when it come to CNR. I used to see a $118+ value and I used to like the big 3 numbers very much. But it's no longer the same. However, "splitting" are always happy time. It usually help to push over the top the stock value. But no matter what, I preferred my CNR is the 3 numbers data; it use to be my richness, my fancy f expensive stock. I have to say that I had been pretty good over my CNR investment. I made several investments over the years in CNR and it paid off. For the upcoming years, I just need to keep being that of a smart ass and invest in many many other $$$ companies.

And of those $$$ companies is: Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A). One of my old time reader who used to work for me for free - sex appeal make man do crazy things - who came with that genius stock idea. Ever since, I didn't invested in LAS.A, reason behind that the dividend yield is terribly tiny little but hey, these days, I would be interested in making a small investment in Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A), maybe it will be my next investment. 

Ok, some of you might thing, crazy bitch, all over the place. A mess of a portfolio of yeah sir. Well, fact is, I invest in stuff that I feel I have somewhat an attraction too. But its not all of sex appeal. I love to get a new stock in my portfolio: what is that stock could be THE STOCK to make me rich? I already made several thousands on CNR, PPL, MX and a bunch of other. It can certainly continue this way. And certainly, other good discoveries can be made.

So if you kind of reading a fabulous pink blog telling that Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A) could be a good stock idea to invest in, well you know, just go for the wild ride. GO FOR IT.

I would certainly GO FOR IT myself too but I am missing up some cash, and the Holiday season is not helping. I already had purchased a Cineplex gift card to my brother but while looking at TVs at the Source, I saw something amazing: its a machine on which you can make play Vinyl CD (you know the old CDS?) and you can get that transfer over an mp3 format... My bro had hundreds of hundreds if not thousands of Vinyl CDs... So imagine the fun of getting all those in a mp3 format. WOW WACKED! The fabulous machine cost like $70... probably $85 I guess after taxes. Next time I will post it on my blog. What a nice gift. My bro is going to me soooooooooo shockkkkkkkk.

I love you even if I don't always like you and even if I yell at you sometimes and also when I say ugly things about your ex girlfriends. I cannot help it. Got to say something or yell.

DON'T TELL MY BRO ABOUT IT OK? Its our secret. Shut!

This is why I am broke and still going to be broke. Have happy broke Holidays.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like this blog is about gambling.

Anonymous said...

A vinyl CD converter, now thats really a gift, I really wish I owned one. You're wise beyond your years. Anony-dig-it-alana-logue.


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