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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Canada Bread Company, Limited (CBY) going DOWN

You own this blog post to the generosity of my brother who magically brought Internet with him. I had a great times home, but the snow block a few projects. Old folks are doing well, younger ones too, I had received nice gifts, everyone seem to be please with the gifts I gave. You may be reading the blog of a millionaire right now or a future one. I have a 649 that will be draw tomorrow and before leaving for New Brunswick, I had bought a Loto Max, 50 millions. So if you don't get any more posts for a couple days, you'll know why, its because the babe now a $$$ millionaire.

Ok, the following is incredible. While catching up with the financial news, I learn that Sprott Inc. is no in charge of a Koran pension fund. Wow, I wonder how this ever happen because everything related to Eric Sprott completely suck in 2013. Seem like Korean government is enough stupid to rely on Eric Sprott to manage public funds. Whatever... This deal had no effect on the value of my Sprott Inc. (SII) shares.

I could be interested in holding some Reitmans shares just like Fairfax because Reitmans is trading at a cheap price and I like some of Reitmans clothes but quality is more or less there sometimes.

Its real to bad, but my latest investment in Canada Bread Company, Limited (CBY) seriously went down and its real too bad. I had lost $225 on the investment. However, the non-registered portfolio is at $132 863. I was scared for my Exchange Income fund (EIF), but I am at a profit of $253 on that one. Jean-François Tardif now wake up and seriously kick up some @ss with his JFS.UN closing the year at 15%. It was about time!

Going back to Montreal tonight so just wait for me there.


Anonymous said...

So you bought 40 shares of CBY.

Anonymous said...

CBY doesn't look too bad. You paid $77.67, will receive $8 dividend and can still get out $2 ahead.

Anonymous said...

You doesn't "profit/loss" in the stock market until you sell.

Remember that, it'll help you to relax if things are going badly.


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