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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CIBC Visa decided to treat the Dividend Girl like a Queen... and you should all do the same!

Not so long a ago, a reader was asking if I finally got my credit check and what my score was. Well, I didn't get my credit check yet, but I guess I have one of those very good credit score because once again, CIBC Visa decided to treat me like a Queen.

With CIBC Visa, I am currently under a 0% credit card balance promotion. Nice, but it seem not to be enough for CIBC Visa. I received the following offers by mail today: CIBC Visa offer to increase my credit card limit to close to 10k. And that's not all! CIBC Visa is offering me 1.99% interest rate for 6 months. Both offers are nice, but I am not accepting one or the other as I have more debt that I need on my back. The 1.99% offer for six months is not that much interesting because a 1% immediate fee need to be paid off, and to that you need to add 1.99% interest rate. Not to interesting.

I haven't mail my $1 600 to the Student Loan yet, and I guess its the best thing I can do for now, rather than getting into a credit card limit increase and stuff.


Anonymous said...

I get those kinds of crap promo's in the mail every week - don't let them inflate your head any more than it already is (and gets you into constant trouble)

Anonymous said...

Let the shit show continue!

Anonymous said...

Good Going Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG you are so funny how you think of yourself as a queen - yet you are one of the many that are making me money - thank you. Keeping playing the margin and credit game - I cash in every time when I see my investment reports. You let your money go - it lands in my lap.

Anonymous said...

OMG.... some people are so rude!
Just ignore them Sunny. I enjoy reading your blog. You are doing well with your debt reduction plan.

Good luck


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