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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saying hello for the first time to a $190 000 portfolio

I haven't post nothing in about 2 weeks, which is quite unusual, but I had been busy with a part-time activity. I made I guess around $700 from it so far and I already been paid for one project. I plan to use the money to pay down some debt. I have update my home office chair to a new one, it make it more comfortable to spend those long hours in front of my laptop, or even for blogging.

Even while being busy at other stuff, I kept my eyes on the stock market and I saw it going up up up. The TSX pop up the 14 000 points mark, like WOW! And I knew at that time I was on the $190 000 value at that time. I was very excited. My net worth is now at $111 472.91. If the rhythm stay the same, who knows, I could easily get on the $150k net worth by the end of 2014. Wouldn't be great?

My debt repaying plan is going on well. Other than my margin, I only have left $3 723 on my student loan and a balance of $2 508 on a 0% credit card that I need to pay by the end of May. $2 500 is quite an amount and my priority is now to pay it as soon as possible. The month of May is coming in a hurry! And some vacations in Easter too...


Aru said...

Good job DG, if you keep selling your high risk-low quality stocks, keep buying low risk-high quality stocks and paying down your debt, then you could reach your goal easier than you think.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am happy for you!


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