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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio TD Bank and Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A)

I recently sell some stocks off my portfolio, like Bombardier, Veresen, Student Transportation and Rogers Sugar. Once sell, I used the money to pay off my debt, and I now see the too very direct impact on my margin. In result, I have left $3 862 on my margin, its not much, so for my next investment move, I will be investing inside my non-registered. To make my margin more secure, I will need to have at least between 10 and 15k on. Once that step completed, I will be able to invest in my TFSA, which didn't happen in quite some time.

This past Friday, I did something I was looking to do in quite some time. I partly sell my investment in Exchange Income Corp (EIF), and I reinvested in some TD and  Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A) stocks. Following what, my non-registered portfolio is now at $132 100.18. Not too bad. I will be happier with a 135k valie. 

I am very excited over my TD stocks because real soon, the stocks will split in 2. Two-for-one stock splits are always very exciting event because the value seem to jump a bit and its always very exciting stuff. Telus and Stella Jones, among other, are stocks that I hold that went through a stock split and it went all. Its all about making the stock more affordable to investors and its nothing more than positive stuff to me. I would like to have a stock split with Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A) too. At more than $100 per stock, LAS.A is reallyyyy expensive and the dividend income is tiny little, but its the kind of quality stock I need in my portfolio.

I am so so glad that I got rid of Rogers Sugar! RSI just lost 9.82% value this past Friday session. It feel good to know that I sell right on time before it fall right down. It seem like I am always right on everything. (I cannot wait to read reactions about that one!!!) Seem like I am doing all right.

With soon another 1k to invest in my pockets, I am in the search of a new stock to invest in, but I have to say, its quite difficult. I cannot get in something that could be a good match. I had trouble to find new investments in the past, and its happening again. Seem like the only very great thing to do with my money right now is pay off debt. And since I cannot get my hands on a new fantastic Canadian stock, I am more and more thinking about maybe putting a 1k payment on my student loan... And after that I think why not a 2k since I earn closed to 1k alone with my January dividend. I could go form a $98 monthly payment to almost half of it, if its the way it work.

Living without having any future investment ideas is killing me. Its like I don't have any dreams. There's nothing more I want from the thing. Is that really all? Is this the end?!!! Don't count on it. There's nothing wrong about paying off debt but i find the phase boring without new excitements... but I still can excited about the fact that I am slowly reducing the amount of cash I need every months... And its something really interesting. Once all my debt are paid off, I could live on as low as $1 000 a month, even $900 per month. To make it happen, I only have $7 681 in debt to clear off; really nothing at all... So I am telling myself, why not? Especially while going dead on investment ideas. 

Sooo my new turn on for the month of February is to live on not more than $1 000:

My rent: $615 (why does it have to be so expensive). 
Grocery and other: $291
Internet: $35
Cell: $41
Laundry: $18

That is the challenge for February.


Anonymous said...

The great thing about paying off student loans is that you will NEVER ever have student loan debt again (unless you go back to school).


Anonymous said...

Careful selling now. Market is artificially low and Canadian dollar sucks. Best wait it out. Dividends will stay the same.

Sunny said...

I wasn't exactly asking for advice as I already place my moves, that is what the post was about.


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