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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The name of this B**** is M-O-N-E-Y, Honey

And you are all going to understand really quickly why. Its a mega portfolio pow-wow! My non-registered portfolio is on the $137 226 value right now, its highest value ever. I own this success to some good old stocks of mine. When I say old stocks, I mean stocks that I had been holding on to for a veryyy longggg time. Those extra special stocks are like Methanex (MX), which I bought at close to $16 per stock back in sometime like,,, 2008. And in 2008, I was a 28 year old chick. As the year pass by, I luckily only got richer. MX closed the day at close to the $75 today. That's right, that baby is going to stay with me forever. Hello, no not diamonds, but hello very expensive $$$ cash.

Another stock that totally turn me on at this time is Premium Brands Holdings Corp (PBH), currently trading on the high at $23.60, I got in the game at $16.66. I own this one to Jean-François Tardif. And talking about the Jean-François Tardif, is JFS.UN fund is finally kicking some ass and making me a very very rich girl.

Other stuff like AGU, BNS, PGF, CNR, oh yeah CNR, DH and sooo on had made of me a lucky girl.

Richness is relative. For some, being rich mean being a millionaire. For others, a $50 000 is all they need.


Anonymous said...

Yup, richness is relative. Some think 100k net worth is worth bragging about.

Aru said...

You would have learned how quality blue chip stocks reward you well. Don't just count dividends, capital gains also make you rich over time. Are you planning to buy any stocks near future?

Anonymous said...

I love your attitude Sunny. You kick butt !

Anonymous said...

100k net worth IS something to brag about. Not many achieve this, and not until much later in life. Keep going Sunny !

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,

A net worth of 100k is definitely something to sing your own praises!

Anonymous said...

buy low, sell high.


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