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Saturday, February 8, 2014

For those cold winter nights, try David Tea The Spice is right

The weekends are always a nice time and the day FOLLOWING a paycheck is always extraordinary. Yeah! I had discovered an extraordinary David Tea name The Spice is right, a spicy orange green tea with 0 calories and the taste is absolutely amazing, its my new favorite tea. While drinking The Spice is right, you could thing that the tea contain sugar, but no sugar, only a very great taste! The mix of orange and cinnamon is very good! Check on the Spice for those cold winter nights.

While drinking that awesome tea, I wonder: what am I going to do with that money? In total, I have a $1 600 available to do whatever I want. Excluding my margin, my debt include a $2 500 credit balance at 0% for 6 months and a $5 381.54 student loan. My margin situation is stable for now, and I have plenty of cash available - $20 000 available on my different credit lines and I have an immediate access to $15 000 in case of need. So no excuse, I have no excuse. I haven't done extra payment on my student loan in a very long time and with only $5 381.54 left to be paid, giving an extra push on it wouldn't hurt at all. I don't have much debt excluding margin, so paying off as much possible, why not.

I currently have to make a monthly payment of $98 on my student loan. With an extra payment of $1 600, it could lower my payment to $69 a month and lower my student loan to $3 781.54.

I have establish a minimum monthly budget that goes like this:

Rent: $615
Grocery: $200
Internet: $39
Cell: $41
Laundry: $18
Student Loan: $98 $69
Banking Fees: $6
Credit card at 0%: $53
Total: $1 041

Knowing my habits, a more realistic budget should include an extra $300 for other expenses like coffees and stuff like hair products, makeup and clothes. A more realistic is $1 350. Its getting more and more interesting. 


Liquid said...

That's a very frugal budget D Girl :) Even if you go over by a couple hundred dollars it's still a lot lower than most people's monthly spending. I bet you will be so happy when you pay off the remaining balance on your student loan :) That would be a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Good on ya DG. Debt control should always trump investing. With debt under control and manageable, your head will be clear to make better investment decisions. Great job these last few months to taking control of your finances and laying down some priorities. - Cheers.


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