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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ready to say good-bye to my Shoppers Drug Mart shares. Go go go!

The Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws was supposed to go through on - was it March 27 or something like it??? - but I still have all of my Shoppers shares right in my portfolio and its quite boring. So I am currently waiting and still waiting. I had been waiting for a really long time now, so I hope to deal will move on so I can lower the usage of my margin and I will try to stay that way.

I had been busy lately. A old part-time gig I used to have 2 years ago is about to get back to live and I could make good cash. And I will need it because this past Saturday, I went to do my tax declaration and its going to cost me $70 right there, not to include what I will need to pay extra in taxes, I am getting ready to pay an extra $800. It will be ready in 2 weeks. And in 2 weeks I will get another paycheck. Money is flying away but its not a bad thing.  

Stay tune to find out if I will get my cash from Shoppers Drug Mart - not time to write more unfortunately.

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