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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Air Miles got rid of the Orleans Express travel certificate

I used to order some travel certificate with Air Miles. I travel by bus a couple of times a year to visit my family in New Brunswick. I only had one travel certificate left so I taught about ordering some this evening but unfortunately for me, Air Miles no longer offer the 40% travel certificate for Orleans Express and it kind of suck, oh yeah - especially knowing that I only have one travel certificate left.

For only 50 miles, I could get a 40% rebate on my bus ticket. I used to save I guess around $40-$50 per 2 ways ticket so I am very disappointed. I had been ordering those for many years now, but the fun had come to an end and I am not very interested by the Air Miles anymore because it was my only interest. So I guess I can finally stop using my BMO MasterCard and switch to another card. I will need to check on the options.

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