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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My left margin value is now of $16 000

Its now getting even better! My non-registered portfolio is at $139 399.28 and I in 2 weeks and one day I will be turning 34. You'll have some big celebration ahead and if you want to offer me something, my wish list include a new laptop, a smartphone, a camera, Ici perfume, a new apartment (bigger than one and a half please!), some furniture (to go with the new apartment). And in case I have a millionaire reader who really like me like crazyyyy, I want a condo ok? And I am all yours.


While dreaming, you'll find a few pictures of the Jean Drapeau beach in Montreal. Its quite a cool place to beat up the hot heat of the summer.

I did my nails and my coloration tonight so I am all ready to go for my New Brunswick vacations, all ready to leave Montreal behind - I only wish it will be for good.

Montreal is certainly a nice place to visit for "tourist", but living in Quebec province is certainly far from being a dream. In our country, Quebec had destroyed all sense of Canadian patriotism. We are united united as one country and we have a lot to blame to the selfish Quebeckers. And suddenly, while facing the failure of their poor choices with the Partie Québécois of Pauline Marois, well suddenly, the bastards decided it was time to be "nationalist" again and here come again the Liberal party... a real show.

Quebeckers took away too much time from our federal leaders. Too much efforts had to be put into "trying" to to keep Quebec in good faith over Canada and that is truly for me unforgettable. I hope Quebec will never join the constitution because they don't deserve to be in Canada. And I truly prefer to have Stephen Harper - again - in power for 4 years rather than having a Quebec cheater and liar for Prime Minister. If Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister, you can say hello to massive deficit. The guy doesn't have what it take to be Prime Minister. He's of an extreme arrogant and insouciance that is difficult to describe.

Stephen Harper cut massively into federal jobs and he should only cut more. I had been to Ottawa in my twenties and there's way too much jobs where people have little to do. The government should reform itself more and banish jobs that don't serve at anything. I think there's a lot more that could be done. Citizens shouldn't rely on government for jobs, that's just a basic of any powerful economy.

While we were f with Quebeckers, all energy put in the wrong place should had served our very own Canadian interests. That's why Quebeckers need to be banish.

In the mean time while living in Montreal, I am a honey money sucker and I enjoy what Montreal have tlo give but I am not in any way a promoter of Quebec - I am just sucking until the end and while doing so, my margin is explosing to a 16k value. The best thing I ever done in my 33 years of life is all right here.

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