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Monday, August 25, 2014

Saying hello to my first 200k worth portfolio (excluding debt, of course)

The weather is very hot these days in Montreal, especially today. But there's nothing that a cold beer cannot take care of and I wouldn't mind to spend another weekend at the Parc Jean-Drapeau beach this weekend. I cannot go there during weekdays. I could, but it will only give me one hour to swim. Enough for a quick swim. I am enjoying the last couple days of summer.

This past weekend, I knew, that my investment portfolio was at its highest value ever, so I did what I usually do when my portfolio reach its highest of its highest value ever - I update my portfolio. And surprise, I am very close to the 200k worth portfolio - I reached the $199 863.28 value, and my net worth is of $128 868.77. Those are very good numbers, especially knowing that I didn't invest in a little while.

The Canadian stock market is a real paradise these days. But will things remain the same for really long? I don't know, I only wish. and imagine my surprise... Today, my non-registered portfolio hit on the $143 680.82 portfolio. Which mean that I am currently sitting on a 200k worth portfolio, no doubt about it. 

An this being done 2 days BEFORE my birthday.

August 27th is the date!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, make it memorable in some little way and keep on investing and posting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,

My best Birthday Wishes for a day and year filled with good health, happiness and good fortune!

Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Hi just let you know, you are not alone, i.n Germany some do similiar (in German language of course :( )
I will retire at 50, now i'm 48 and things seems to go well for me and my family. Regards, egghead


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