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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CIBC Visa offer to the Dividend Girl: 0% interest for 6 months... but watch out the 1% fee

I had received today a promotional offer from CIBC Visa; 0% interest for 6 months, but an initial 1% fee apply. The 1% fee is what is f it all. No way, I won't pay a 1% fee just to get a 6 months at no interest. No Sir.

This make me remember the time when I used to have a 0% with TD Visa. At a point, the promotion stop and I decided to pay off the credit cards. I now only have my student loan and margin as debt, and its a real challenge to pay down those debt already, so I won't add up a credit card debt on top of that!

I had quite heavy on the expenses so far in August so I decided that the necklace I bought at La Baie was going to be the only thing I will buy this month for my birthday. I rack up at $550 already and the month is not even half pass and please don't ask me to skip the morning coffee please because I can't. But I can however control my expenses. Other than coffees, I have a thing for makeup, hair products, clothes... Today, I left my credit card home and I didn't buy anything except my morning coffee. And I only bought that single coffee.. So I feel I had made a great deal of efforts today.

I now realize that its not because I make more money now that it make it easier for me to save money. I always have to stay alert. I have a few vacations days coming up, and I don't want to spend more than another $500 for this month, that include the cost of my bus ticket. But lucky me, I have a tiny - but still, a $147 in cash coming from the dividend earns inside of my TFSA... hello mercy cash. The dividend cash coming from my non-registered account is also helping.   

But what is helping the most is to leave my credit card home and stop spending.

In Montreal, the temptation is EVERYWHERE. And I don't understand how middle class folks can afford a condo AND regular basic living feels + EXTRA curricular summer EXPENSIVES. I mean, impossible. Even while on a 50k annual income before tax. 

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Anonymous said...

It's not that they can afford those things, but their debt has allowed for it to seem like they can afford it. But eventually the piper must be paid, and unfortunately many find that out too late... - cheers.


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