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Monday, August 11, 2014

All you need is money and summer love

As I am getting ready for a few vacation days, my non-registered suddenly decided to pop up to the $139 082 value. Now, its not a joke, I really getting ready to hit on the 140k mark. Not kidding! I am enjoying the last days of summer - that's why you don't get to hear a lot of this sweeettttt Dividend Girl soon turning 34 years old of life on earth. The heat is not bothering me that much. I spent all weekend long at the beach of the Parc Jean Drapeau - I really like the beach there. I got some nice pictures for you later on.

Anyway, for now, the big news were all about the 139k$ non-registered portfolio value.


Liquid said...

Great job on the portfolio :) The summer weather is nice, but when it gets over 30 degrees it's too warm for me lol.

pattirose said...

Have fun Sunny and Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to seeing the pics of the beach, please don't forget to post.


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