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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Money Wise Tip: The Best Place for Cheap Grocery Shopping in Montreal is Segal’s Market

I was all ready to go out for a walk but than, it start raining. My timing was wrong. The rain didn't last too long, so I decided to go out anyway, but as I step outside, I saw the ice, the mix of rain and snow. I step out on the sidewalk, but I could see unfortunately that it wasn't really safe for walking... But outside my window at least, it was gorgeous...

See that ice? We can clearly see it on the tree facing the single window of my one and half apartment... Tomorrow, its going to be ugly on the sidewalks, that's for sure. If I see that nothing had been put on the sidewalk, I will just take a taxi to go to work. I live close to my workplace, which is the reason I live in a small apartment. I am traveling in bus enough all year round to go visit my family in New Brunswick. I want my everyday life to me as simple as possible and that include a no need to take the bus and the metro each day. Its a luxury I have for now at least.

One thing - at least :-) - that is great about living in Montreal, is that grocery shopping is much cheaper than in New Brunswick. Grocery costs are something 40% higher in New Brunswick. I already mention this grocery spot somewhere in my blog - remember its there that I spot the very pure idiot that is Amir Khadir. Story short, starting Monday, for the entire 2015, I will do my very best to cut on my expenses as much possible. And for that, I need cheap grocery.

If like me you are living in Montreal and are on a diet budget, the Segal’s Market located on 4001 St-Laurent blvd is going to save your life. Yesterday, I bough two full bad of groceries for only $26.96. From the outside, only a little sign give a notice that there's actually a grocery store in there, but its the only sign... And once your in, you'll get an in deep smell of some dry fish that Portuguese people love but I guess they are the only one because it smell really bad. I never actually saw someone picking up one of those dry fish. 

Otherwise, the spot is very great for vegetables. The grocery store supply is really diversify. Example, I got radish at $1.49, celery also at $1.49. For less than $2 a peace, I got cauliflowers. For $1/lbs I got clementines. Also for $1, I had yogurt. I guess you agree, with those prices, Segal's is the cheapest place for grocery shopping. The only thing is that they don't really sell meat. And also, bring your own grocery bags because they don't have any.If you prefer, its possible to have a grocery delivery for something like 4 bucks.

If you do the biggest of your grocery shopping there, its possible to live on $50 grocery bill per week, if not even a bit less. And this is perfect for me because 2015 will be the year that I go back to my old saving routine like it was in my early beginning investment adventures.

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