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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting debt free is so terribly hard

Once my payments will be process, I will only have left $1 522.85 on my CIBC Visa. The biggest part of the 6k had now be paid. And following what, I will do my best to keep me on the good road, I will do my best not to crack on 0% credit card balance transfer. But you don't have to worry, because I no longer feel tempt. Paying off my debt had been a very long painful process. I used to have an RRSP loan - remember that one? I also used to have a student loan, that's now gone too. I used to have an American Express at 0% a long time ago too... But now all those things are gone. And once my CIBC Visa will finally be paid off, I will only have left my margin as debt.

And the deal on the margin is that 67k is way too much to be paid back - or I am going to turn crazy. So deal is, no pay back on the margin never ever TD Waterhouse can kiss me.

I don't have any money left at the bank so I would eventually get a 1 to 2k there. Also, I would like to hide away something like $200 that I would hide not to say my mattress or close just in case of an emergency situation. I would like to put down around 10k on my margin to keep it safe so that I don't have to worry while I am away in places where I dn't have access to the Internet - like in somewhere like New Brunswick for example. Those of the type of things I plan to do with my money once my CIBC Visa will be paid off.

All of those things are really great, I am quickly getting rid of that 6k debt on my CIBC Visa which is currently at 0% interest rate for now. BUT, fact is, I am currently a heavy spender too. My BMO MasterCard is showing up a balance of $986.89. I pay my daily expenses using my BMO. If I buy a coffee, I buy it with my BMO MasterCard, etc. My cell phone and Internet payments also go on that card. I am pretty close to the 1k in expenses of all sort and the month of January is not even over yet...

I review my budget and stuff and my living cost shouldn't exceed the $500. That amount doesn't take in consideration my rent, cell phone and Internet bills. My overall budget is $1 210. Knowing everything I need to do with my money, I need to slim down my expenses. And that is not easy, especially while living in Montreal. I drink a lot here, I buy a lot of coffees, I eat out too often and I buy all sort of makeup and skin and hair products. Oh and nail polish. I never used completely one full nail polish bottle of my life, I just pick different colors from different brands whenever I go by a drugstore... I had been addict to nail polish my whole adult life - confession from your Dividend Girl.

Great, but if I continue to carry over my credit card, I will continue to spend like this - I know myself. So from now, I am getting a cash diet. I am giving myself $50 for the last week of January and after that, it will be a $500 every month in cash. That's what is waiting for me starting tomorrow.

At least, I got my hair and coloration done today so I will be looking good at least to begin this cash journey - just like I use to be in the old days. I was so penny wise, I can get back to my old else even if my hair are different now.

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