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Monday, January 26, 2015

Good profit on the TSX, but for how long

Once again, its terribly cold in Montreal and New York, Boston and part of the Maritime are soon getting a heavy storm. 

My non-registered portfolio closed today session on a nice $139 515.04. I even have a left-over of $16 550.19 on my margin. I was quite surprise to have my non-registered value so high. I guess Bank of Canada rate cut of 0.25%  might play in something.

I had came with a little money plan and by the end of February, I will have my CIBC Visa and BMO MasterCard paid off. I only have left $720.85 balance on my CIBC Visa and a $1 087.39 on my BMO. Not huge amount, but it's required me a lot of effort to pay it all down. But by the end of February, it will be thing done. And by the end of March, I will have something I haven't have in a very very long time: money in the bank! I plan to leave in a 1k in my bank account to cover, at least, my monthly banking fee.

With a rate cut and multiple promotional credit card balance flying by to me, it would be quite tempting to do the exact opposite. In time like now, we could thing its the best time ever to borrow to invest, but I don't think so. There's too many people loosing their jobs. Target is closing, Mexx no longer exist (I got my hands on a Mexx purse as a souvenir...), Jacob had closed most of its store, Sony is about to close its few stores... I always found that Target was too much in the landscape. There's just too many stores out there and all those closing all came up naturally. I went to Target a few times, but it never became my favorite shopping spot. Its just sad because thousands are going to lose their jobs and I doubt that there're going to all be relocated to... Sears...

We live in a strange word were we combat terrorist by saying we defend the freedom of speech. All of the I am Charlie is all bullshit. We never live in a more depress, individualist word. A newspaper as Charlie Hebdo who published very disgusting cartoons against not only Mahomet, but Christianity  - in the name of freedom of speech - well, you know what? I am not Charlie and at the end, those journalists had what they deserved. Anyone who make fun of religion should prepare to die in horrible ways. That's is my freedom of speech. I am certainly not a Charlie asshole. I am the Dividend Girl.

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