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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RBC Visa is offering 1.99% credit card balance transfert to the Dividend Girl

Isn't funny? Just at the time that I am very desperately trying to pay off my CIBC Visa, RBC Visa had just come up with that promotion to me, 1.99% interest rate + a one time fee of 1% and that's good until October 2015. So really people. I begin to think that the providence doesn't want me to pay down my debt at all!

The timing was perfect RBC Visa, but I will pass on that one. But I have to admit, the promotion is pretty dirty attractive. But no worries, I am now really turning into that perfect sexy girl and I am really slowing down on debt. And I no longer get excited when I received a credit card balance promotional offer. OR almost.

Not to long ago, I had a 6k on a CIBC Visa at 0%. My 0% interest rate is valid until March, but that come is a hurry... I now only have a $1 500 balance on that same CIBC Visa. I found it very difficult to pay off that debt. Among the way, I even sold a stock I no longer wanted to hold inside my non-registered portfolio, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX).

I had another huge surprise today. Even now that I no longer hold CFX, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $136 741.33, which is pretty good knowing all the yo-yo going on the stock market and the oil crash.

No matter what, I am a pretty sexy good investor.

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DivGuy said...

I used these credit cards balance transfer for a while younger. I still think it's good at times. We do have to be carefully though and make sure to reimburse the debt at one point... it might turn risky if not. You seem to be on the good path though! :-)

Anonymous said...

Being a sexy good investor isn't a requirement to be a smart investor. Take a look at the trends playing out in a past couple of years. Currency warms, real negative interest rates, low/no growth economies. Stop by and smell the roses once in a while you sexy DV Queen:) Keep some powder dry, and if you see a compelling investment opportunity go for it. For my own portfolio I'm taking a hard took at TOTAL SA. The stock is breaten down and it yields 6%. I'm also taking a look at Cherry Hill Mortage Corp. The company invests in residential mortages. Currently yields 11.4%.

My main point is don't be afraid to beat the banks at their own game. If they offer you a 0% rate and you can make 11% or 6% off that money then go for it savvy...



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