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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Next money move need to be decided

Its terribly cold in Montreal these days and the stock market is all rock and roll! One doesn't go without the other. And in conclusion, my non-registered hit on the 135k mark. Oil is still down, but no matter what, the TSX is still strong and exceed the 14 000 points. I stop a long time ago to try understanding the stock market. I mean how can the TSX be that high when the oil value is so low? In Canada, we depend so terribly much of our energy sector. The current situation with oil doesn't seem to have that much effect on the TSX, and that is something I really cannot understand. Its just so crazy.

But of course, its a good thing that the TSX remains independent of the oil, if not, I will be crying right now. I was stress today because I have absolutely no time to check on the market during the day. I had no clue if I could hit on Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD). Its busy at work and I had to do some overtime. But this is good because it cover my taxi cost rides. I hate this very cold winter, its pretty rough. You know, when you only want to go out on a Sunday afternoon but you have to stay inside because of the rain changing in ice...  than you can say it, life suck!

Personally, I was attracted to Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB), but I now have about 2k that will be available for investment, and I am more tempted to invest that money in Royal Bank of Canada (RY) for different reasons. First, its a money problem. If I would had like 4k to invest, I would invest in both RY and WB, but its not the case at this time. I need to be extra careful with my money right now. A part of my portfolio took an in deep hit because of a failure in oil and silver. I am actually quite surprise and amaze that my non-registered is at 135k. My next investment moves need to be made carefully. With RY, its boring, but the yield is almost at 4%. And they're good chances that RY could be a good investment that will gain in capital value in the years to come.

Other than RY, I maybe invest inside my RRSP by the end of March. I exceed the 50k in income this year again and investing inside my RRSP could help reduced my taxes. The really true reason why I need to invest inside my RRSP is because I had lost a LOT a LOT of money on the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and I am looking to cover up the gap. And I am seriously thinking about investing that 2k inside my RRSP. The Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is quite disappointed and its really not a good investment. Jean-François Tardif with his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is doing much better.

The last for not the least, I have to pay off my CIBC Visa by the end of March... $6 000. 

I won't be able to do it all, time will only tell what my next money will be.


Anonymous said...

I bet you if you invest in "Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc" now, then you will be feeling same as with Sprott funds in 2 years.

Just buy high quality dividend growth stocks like RY, BNS, TRP, ENB, TD, etc etc and stick with them. These stocks have long proven record of success.

Anonymous said...

Low oil prices will crush Alberta and perhaps trigger a real estate crisis in Canada. All the banks have exposure to the oil and gas sector.

The only bright spot I can see are industrial or service companies that export or do business in the U.S. They will get tail wind because of lower CAD.


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