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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another upcoming contribution in kind for my TFSA

This year, Spring had come after Easter. It felt good this weekend to but away the winter coat and boots. The weather finally changed for the best in Montreal and tomorrow is going to be even better. And during that time, trust me, I am not blogging. I just have to remember to do my tax declaration sometime.

The TSX continue to hit on the 15 000 points and it has good effect on my portfolio. My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session on the $136 272.57, leaving me with $19 087.87 on my margin. Usually, when it happen that I have a lot like this on my margin, I do 2 things: I invest in new stuff using that money left on my margin or I do contribution in kind from my non-registered to my TFSA portfolio.

With a portfolio and a new worth exceeding the 100k, strangely, I no longer get excited with the idea of investing using my margin money. It wasn't too long ago that I had a student loan and other debt on my back. It was a pain to pay off everything, so no way that I will go up on my margin account. Currently, I am using $66 564.32 of my margin. I am not necessary looking to pay it down, but I don't want to used more of my margin cash.

The second choice is what I usually do these days, I do contribution in kind to my TFSA. My Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB) is the investment currently in my radar that I am looking forward to switch this one over to my TFSA. I still have in mind to invest in Royal Bank once I will be ready, but no other new investment ideas have cross my mind.

Real soon, we are going to learn if the government of Stephen Harper will double the TFSA contribution amount. I think it will get double since we are in an election period.

It sad, but I am very far from loving Justin Trudeau - he doesn't have a good leadership and I don't like the individual. Not that I like more Stephen Harper, but I really don't feel it when it come to Trudeau. And forget about NPD. Its sad, but Stephen Harper is probably going to remain in power, not that I like it.


DivGuy said...

Did you take a look at NA for Canadian Bank? Royal Bank is definitely good but NA shows great growth potential. Let me know what you think about it.



Sunny said...

Hi Mike,

I am already invested in NA. I had been holding it in my TFSA for a little while.

S Arun said...

Hi DV,

Glad that you paid off student loan and other debts.

You might know this tax treatment- you can get tax credits for the interest you paid for your margin loan.

Sunny said...

I know that. I had been deducting the interest since the time I had my margin, which been a couple years now.


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