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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello Théodore Chouinard-Pellerin! ;-)

I finally went for my tax declaration and on my way, I saw a Quebec "TV star", Théodore Chouinard-Pellerin of 30 Vies. In Montreal, I saw other different stars quite often. Michel Tremblay, Daniel Bélanger, Denis Coderre (if you consider ah ah), Yann Perreau, Herby Moreau, Gabriel of Radio Radio. And also Geneviève Borne, but only once on Ste-Catherine. The most exciting part is to see a star when its less expected and tonight was less expected, like I was going for my tax declaration... lol. If I wouldn't be busy on my way to go somewhere I would probably turn around and follow the poor Théodore. I guess he was meeting some friends to watch the hockey game. I did follow once Michel Tremblay and I followed him until he made it to the library. That was a few years ago already. I usually see Michel Tremblay every year at different spot on the Plateau Mont-Royal. Another time, Herby Moreau was doing bicycle with his son in the Old Montreal. And I also saw once Denis Gagnon on bicycle near his store. Its about all of the star excitement I got from Montreal. But I have to admit, tonight was a good one. And I spot Sammy right away. Exciting revelations: Théodore is quite tall white guy and look exactly the same as on TV LOL.

My non-registered portfolio closed at $137 659.27, which is a nice jump compare to the 134k-135k where it usually stand. I guess I I may be the Dividend Girl of course, but I haven't update my dividend income since the beginning of the new year. There's no specific reason, if not that I am not blogging as frequently as before. But so far for this month, my dividend income had been great. 

Currently, with a non-registered close to the 140k, I only have one concern. I had bought Glentel Inc. (GLN) several months ago, in the hope that it will get acquired by BCE, but nothing happen yet and I have to say that I cannot wait to get rid of that stock that I both hold in my TFSA and non-registered. In my non-registered, the money will go to pay down my margin and in my TFSA, it will help me to finally do my move in RBC.

Many problems had stopped me from investing lately. I am spending too much. I had to pay for my tax declaration and really soon, I will probably have to pay around $500 to $700 extra in taxes from my estimate.

Unless to see some "stars" from time to time, the live in Montreal doesn't worth it. In Quebec, salaries are outrageously tax. There's no access to health care. Education system is really poor and super expensive. I am only in Montreal by necessity, its not a choice. I forgot among the way my goals. I need to move to my old way of doing things. I used to be the most fabulous money saver of all. But no matter what, my net worth is probably around $135 000 right now. Since the beginning of the year, its not only my dividend income that I didn't update, but also my investment portfolio page. Updating my portfolio page is terribly long. Too many investments and too much money to be count. However, the exercise is always pleasant, especially when the net worth more than the expected. But will it be?

So stay tune to find out and to read again even more because its the only thing you can do to make me happy.

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