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Sunday, April 19, 2015

My net worth is now of $139 599.17

I was hoping to get there soon, I knew it was coming, and it seem like I am now sitting on a $205 871.46 portfolio. Yeah! It make my little heart beat a little bit faster. My net worth is of $139 599.17. At this time, its getting really exciting because I am really not missing much to hit on the 150k net worth. But the real excitement will be once I will be sitting on the 200k net worth. That's going to be quite something. In the meantime, my $139 000 is making me happy. It took me 8 years to have that money. At least, I have more than just the first $50 000 that I so wanted 8 years ago...

The stock market had been very good to me. I haven't done very well with a few investments - like my many investments in silver and gold, but I believe in resurrection and maybe those investments will get back on their feet and grow. I did some bad investment moves, but some other went very well. AGU, BNS, MX' ENF, CU, SJ and so many more. Another stock that I did very well on and that had been reviewed recently by Susan Brunner is AltaGas Ltd (ALA). There not much good stock adviser out there. But over the years, I had been able to quickly recognize the good from the bad ones.

I made a few thousands on Derek Foster and Susan Brunner back. And not to forget Jean-François Tardif. I made several thousands by investing in his Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) - a stock for which he had positive review. And now, I am invested in JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). I never believed in his retirement. Another hot guy that know what he is talking about is Lou Schizas. For amateur like myself, the ones you follow and trust will make a big positive difference in your wellness. But still, you need to have the flair. And my best advice will be to stay away from any financial advisers. I have many bad experience here in Montreal and I wouldn't like any of my readers to get ripped off. Here in Montreal, people are individualists - no matter what they say. There're so many homeless a bit everywhere in this city, its unbelievable. And there's many aboriginal people living in the street. Its like they are coming from the north, they have dark skin that make me believe that. Financial advisers are paid by commission, and sometime not only, but they have at heart their own profit, not yours. They may be good advisers out there, but they are extremely hard to find. And just check on my list. In 8 years of stock investment, I have 4 names that I follow. Not 20, not even 10. JUST 4. Be smart and stick to the best, you'll thank me later. There are just that not many people out there that you can trust.

That close to the 150k is giving me a new source of motivation to watch my expenses a bit more, but it look to me like I could get on the 150k worth soon without any other investment. In other words, I could just let it go, and do nothing more than what had been done so far. However, I doubt I will ever go that way, investing is a drug, an addiction and I cannot stay too long without doing anything at all, even if its only contribution in kind to my TFSA. My next investment move in RBC Royal Bank, I just keep thinking about it.

Not that I adore RBC Royal Bank. They had treated me like a piece of shit in the past. For no reason, they have increased the interest rate on my credit line. Since they didn't want to do nothing about it to help me, I have pay all of my debt and I have sell of the investment that I used to hold with RBC. Get that RBC! Now, the only reason why I want to invest in RBC is that I am in search of a "safe" investment, even if nothing is really 100% safe, its possible to invest in more conservative stocks and RBC is to me one of those stock. After all, if this baby is soon going to hit on the 200k net worth, I need to do something.

There's only 2 ways to see an increase in my net worth: to invest more or pay down my margin. At $66 272.29 of usage, I still have available a bit more than 20k available on it. Just to say that my 137k non-registered portfolio have a margin worth of $88 000 - a lot of sexy cash. But no problem, I won't pick on that $20 000 available, I promise. I am starting a new journey with this saving mood. I have a deep taste for makeup, skin care, anti wrinkle cream, clothes and so much more. And coffee, and tea. Beer and wine. So when you like that much of things, money can go fast. Its just a matter to switch to my old saving behavior.

In a few days from now, we'll know if our TFSA contribution will get double or not. That will be on April 21 and I cannot wait to hear about the good news that will come from that budget. Since we are in an federal election period, the timing is just perfect for the Tories to please Canadians and especially to please me.

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Congratulations. I'm couple steps behind you - but following :)


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