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Monday, April 20, 2015

Fresh Tories getting ready to double the TFSA contribution room - or not?

I am - for once - all excited about the federal budget that will be announced tomorrow. And what if the Tories are dumb enough to actually double the contribution room the the TFSA? Ahah! Why not? Stephen Harper and his bunch of clowns are certainly idiot enough to do such thing. And it will only benefit those who - like me and maybe you - have non-registered investment and other cash to invest in a TFSA. Its terrible politic, but hey, messy country that is Canada, the rich get it all and the poor barely get enough to cover their basic needs.

I think will see the TFSA contribution room doubling only because of the upcoming election. Its an easy way for Tories to give something to Canadians. The government of Stephen Harper haven't come with much in the recent years to help the population. It came with the idea of the TFSA a few years ago and a few years more, we are seeing the TFSA contribution room doubling.

I just keep thinking: is that really enough to prove the Tories are the government that Canadians need for 4 years? Do I want to vote for Justin Trudeau who is in favor of a dope show in Canada? NOPE. Do I want Muclair and NPD? HELL NO. Do I want Stephen Harper as Prime Minister? NO NO NO!

The problem that lovely Canadians are facing now is the lack of leadership inside the country. They're currently no good leaders in Canada to support our country and I find that very sad. It also explain the low level of participation to the election.

I am in Liberal at heart, but I really don't like Justin Trudeau. I don't like the guy at all. He's not the man fit for the job.

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Anonymous said...

You should take a look at Elizabeth May. "Soft conservative with a very Green side". Most of all I think she is very intelligent and a great debater.


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