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Sunday, April 26, 2015

My next investment move: Northland Power Inc. (NPI)

I always knew that RBC Royal Bank was just too boring to actually be my next investment. Just recently, I received a letter from RBC asking me to call them and fix an appointment with an adviser so my situation could be reviewed regarding my credit line I have with them and my general situation. I don't understand the point of sending me such letter because that credit line is completely paid off and I do no hold any investment with them anymore.

Back in the days, when I was building my portfolio and was at a critical point, RBC sent me a letter saying that the interest rate on my credit line was getting increased. I try to get that reversed, but all of my interventions fail. Terribly insulted, in result, I sold out all of the investments I was holding with RBC Royal Bank and I quickly paid off that credit line. Now that I have a net worth closed to the 150k and no debt that can be view on my credit score, who look like a loser now? The fact that my margin account that I hold at TD Waterhouse doesn't show up on my credit score is a real turn on. All girls have their own little dirty secrets after all and I am no exception to the rule.


Am I really going to hold the stock of one of my enemies in? Deep inside, the answer is NO.
RY is a grandpa stock - not an investment for a hot chick. So I keep looking around, looking, searching... Come on, I can do better! And its when that I suddenly remembered a stock that been review by Lou and I just couldn't find it. I didn't remember the company name, but I clearly remember that it was involved in wind energy. I like the clean energy sector, and that company - from what I remembered and it still the case - had a very good overall chart. The company completely recover from the 2008 stock market crash and pay a very good dividend, 6% yield, way to go.

Want to know for real what is the name of that fantastic stock? Well rock on and get very excited, RIGHT NOW, because the name of my new baby is: Northland Power Inc. (NPI). Currently at TD Waterhouse, the stock has an 8 buy rate note. However, I wouldn't recommend to invest massively in that stock, but investing just a bit in it could be a nice way to have a feet in the clean energy sector. And all decent investors should be investing in that sector.

Even if they are disgusting, I might invest one of these days in RBC. Its really sad, but that bank is very solid  and unfortunately, I need that kind of stocks in my portfolio.

As you know, I reached 205k in investment value not long ago and I had to do something to celebrate! So I went and got my first gel manicure ever and of course, I picked a nice pink color. Going for a gel manicure is something I could get really addicted to, but I find that I have as good result doing it on my on. It stay on for about a week. And talking about money, my non-registered portfolio is currently at $139 186.65, which mean that my net worth is probably lightly exceeding the 140k. I never thought it was going to happen so quickly. My domain name is - and its not for nothing. I thought it would take me forever to even just reach the 50k. Surprise, making and loosing money on the stock market is SUPER easy after all. ;-)

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FJ said...


Glad to see you are in 200K portfolio.

Some reason, I sold my position in NPI recently.

You may consider adding position in BEP.UN and BIP.UN. Both are very low risk high quality asserts. There are some tax related concern on these LP stocks, thus, I guess TFSA is good account to carry them.


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