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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Easy going saving money tips for today normal people: a post to be read when the stock market is grey

These days, it might be easier to make money by saving it, rather than investing it. My non-registered is sitting at a very poor $118 051.43. I don't know if things can get worst or not. But this is already very bad. The TSX is so volatile, its unbelievable. The month of September is almost behind us, and it seem that real soon, it will be October. Time do just that, passing by. But it doesn't mean that it need to be the same with money, some need to stay in our pockets.

Before starting a new week, I like to have my apartment clean up and I usually do my laundry too if I have any to do. I do my grocery during the weekend too. And there come the cooking, its the most important part because it allow any nice worker to save a lot of money. I usually do my lunches for the week on Sunday evening. And its better for the health too. There's too much salt in restaurant food and sometime, restaurant food is no always good. Once, I went with some rice, good choice, - but it was tasting disgusting. The rice had the bottom of a burn pan kind of taste. To avoid any more bad surprise and to control my diet better, I try to cook as much as possible. Brown bag is a classic to save money.

Another way to save money is to control the money spend on a daily basis. On a regular ordinary day, my only expense will be my morning coffee. And for the past couple days, I am proud to say that I only buy one coffee per day.

From Monday to Friday, that is the easy part. Its easy to save money while working during days week. But a major problem remain in the weekends. I love to: shop for clothes, buy hair products, get my nails done, drink coffee, drink tea, go to the movies and eat out. Since the summer is officially over, I am done with fun and sexy manicures/pedicures. Done. To have my nails done, its a $40 right there after tip. Its the exact amount that I gave myself to enjoy my weekends: $40 per weekend. The best would be that I keep that $40 in my pockets but hey, I know myself. I won't go far without coffees and stuff...

To plan a budget, you need to know yourself. If you set up rules, you need to be aware that you'll have to respect them. Since the stock market is all grey and shitty, I tried to set up a new budget.

Rent: $635
Weekend money: $160 ($40 per weekend)
Grocery money: $200 ($50 per week)
Cell & Internet: $85
Laundry: $9
Cosmetic and other living need: $200
1 weekday coffee: $52
Total: $1 341

This is tight budget, with no waste, but its realistic to what I can respect on a regular month without any vacations to New Brunswick. I will soon be going to the fabulous land and I can't wait. Ideally, I would need to go once per month for 4 days.


Anonymous said...

On one hand, you live on a tight budget sacrificing little indulgences like eating at restaurant, coffees, etc and on the other hand, you lose thousands on the market.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your portfolio has lots of garbage stocks, like Just Energy and other high risk stocks. If you have bought only a quality dividend growth stocks, you would have more than 200K in your non-registered account.

It is not too late now.

Anonymous said...

So true, anonymous.

Sunny said...

I always invested in stocks I believe in. Currently, Just Energy is up. Markets are still down. Its not a matter of being too late or not. Its not a good time to be an investor and markets are rough. Its ok to be in a downturn. I accept it without any problem. But it seem that you have a problem with that.

This is what it mean to be an investor: be confident of your own choices.

Anonymous said...

Use any market bounce to lighten up your margin. You will not be forced to sell on margin calls.

Also selling covered call on those stocks you're still making money to get extra income may be a good idea with this choppy market.

Mar said...

Hello Sunny,

a 200 bucks per person is my goal for the grocery list, not sure if this is possible (I am at 320 per person right now)... I live in Mtl too.
I am switching to costco this week in order to achieve my goal.


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