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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

On October 12, 2015, I will vote for NDP Hélène Laverdière, no matter what

With today great gains on the TSX, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $122 985.71, its encouraging of course, but I am still far behind the 135k I used to be. On October 12, 2015, it will be elections day in Canada. Four years ago, I had voted for NDP Hélène Laverdière. I was strong in my believes. I wanted to kick Gilles Duceppe out of the federal politic - a place where he doesn't belong. Hélène Laverdière won the elections and Gilles Duceppe retired from the public life after ruining the Bloc Quebecois. But 4 years after, the old man wasn't hurt enough because we still are seeing his old and ugly face in the media.

I never understand why our ultra modern Canadian society accept the existence of a lonely provincial party. The Bloc Québécois only exist to but shit on the face on Canadians. Why in hell do we accept that? I guess its now common to see Quebeckers as selfish individual, but I will never get use to see lonely Bloc Québécois leaders fitting against Canadian interests, for the good common of all. I hope that once again, Gilles Duceppe will be beat up by Hélène Laverdière - one more time bitch! YEAH!

I am very proud of Hélène Laverdière and she's doing a fine job. So I will be voting for her on the big day, no doubt about that. But for the bigger portrait, when it come to who will be our next Prime Minister, I have to say, I have doubts. both Liberal and NDP parties want to reduce the contribution room of the TFSA from $10 000 to $5 000. This is not working well for me.

Investors, even the very small ones like myself were all super excited when Stephen Harper announced an increase of 5k to the annual TFSA contribution. I still have a TFSA contribution room left of $19 625.93. I have until October 12 to maximize my TFSA because after that, good-bye to the old $10 000 annual TFSA.

I know, life suck sometimes like that but I am still wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
Election Day is on October 19 unless you plan to vote in the advanced polls on Thanksgiving Day (October 12).


Sunny said...

I don't where I got the 12 as election day. Its true its on the 19th. Its better that way because I will be away the week before Thanksgiving - lucky all the way.


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