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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Investors are forced to pack their TFSA to the maximum contribution before the elections

Introduction: I hope you all like my blog fresh new skin because I do. From pink to purple.

Are the good old trading days are gone forever? Don't tell me. I don't really want to know. In those good old days, I used to invest, and shortly after, the investment was easily gaining in capital gain. But its not the case anymore. A little while back, I invest in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM). So far, I lost 1,91% on the investment.

My non-registered portfolio close at a very poor $121 492.37. Back on April 2015, I used to have 205 871.46 in total assets. I had a net worth of close 140k. Everything was all right. But now, I have to deal with the stock market ups and downs. Its not easy. Its not even fun anymore to invest, but I told you that before. And the upcoming elections are not going to be of any help. Stephen Harper is done.

Liberals like NPD want to cut down our TFSA contribution from $10 000 to $5 500. So now, I am a rush to find money to invest in my TFSA and I feel somewhat confuse. But I know that I will need to take money from a credit line to make it happen.

More will be post later.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess you're that 1%er that Justin was talking about, unfairly taking advantage of the TFSA while people on welfare need to make due with less.

Anonymous said...

TFSA won't be changed for 2015. It will stay at $10,000. Stop panicking. 2016 will be back to $5500.

Anonymous said...

The TSX will bounce back... eventually. Don't give up hope.

I admire your taste in old movies. Yesterday they showed 'The Maltese Falcon' on TV -- this is one you should see, if you haven't already -- vintage Humphrey Bogart.

FJ said...

Hey DG,

The new skin looks awesome. Keep it up your good work.


Derek said...

I like the new purple look. Very modern.

Anonymous said...

People should do the math before they vote either NDP or Liberal. How much would an extra tax free, compounded, yearly 5000$ represent in income over the next 20-30 years. Do that and think about it hard.

This is real money in your pocket. Not 5$ here and there it's thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of dollars of your own hard earned money that you and your family can benefit from. You can pass it on to your spouse, to your kids, to their kids. Most people are too stupid to take advantage of this gift.

But most people are broke and waiting for the government to 'help' out. So instead, we get the Ontario Pension plan ponzi scheme where you contribute all of your life and yet, have peanuts to show for when you're old.

Keep voting in the Socalists and you'll work all your life while they make sure that you can never get ahead. No matter how much you try, they'll always try harder to take it away from you and give it to someone else.

Margaret said...

Yup I agree. the $10,000 will not be removed. Everyone will be able to contribute this amount in 2015. And like the other $5500/year, if you don't use it this year you can carry it over until next year. It does not close.

Anonymous said...

I agree. As with other years these amounts can be carried forward if you do not max out in a single year so there is no rush.


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