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Thursday, September 24, 2015

In desperate times, Jean-François Tardif is investors best friend

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I am currently watching the French political debate on Radio-Canada. I love Elizabeth May, the others sound like a bunch of clowns that they really are. I actually really like Elizabeth May. She has a great French for someone that is outside Quebec. We don't know her much, its too bad. The more I hear words coming from politician mouth, the more I am getting confuses.

Like always, Liberal Justin Trudeau is just showing off on how much they are good to spend our money. I am against the niqab and Burqa in Canada. If a woman want to cover up, she should stay in her country. Women in this country shouldn't be allowed to wear that. Muslim is not a fundamental religion in Canada. Muslim is all about destruction, intolerance and war. We need to remain leaders in our country. Niqab or burqa are not Canadian symbols, they shouldn't be tolerate in any ways. We are losing who we are with such debate. If I decided to go live let say in Iraq or another disturbing country, I will have to cover up. If an Iraq woman decided to come and live in Canada, she needs to adjust to the country. Its not racist, its only damn common sense. I am clearly with uncle Stephen Harper when it come to the ban of the niqabs, among other things. We shouldn't open the door to extremist and to values that are not ours. If immigrants want to come to Canada, they need to adjust.

Other than g-r-e-a-t Canadian politic, the value of my non-registered portfolio is down to $120 522.67. But during that time, my New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) stocks are stronger than ever. My investment in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) is doing very well too. And I have a few others who are doing very well.

A bunch of stocks are going down, but another cool player is JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). I am a very bright investor because years ago, I invested in the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) and since I had been holding to my shares, I sell some as soon as my investment worth $2 510, I sell for $500 and enjoy the cash. Its soon going to happen again, my investment in JFS.UN is very close to the $2 500 and I can't wait to get my hands on that $500.

The stock market is a rough place to be, but there's always pearl we can rely on and the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is one of them. JFS.UN units of Jean-François Tardif just keep going up when everything goes down. Be happy investors and smile because Jean-François Tardif and his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) are there for you.

  • Niqab: This type is like the hijab, except it also covers part of the face, leaving only the eyes visible.
  • Burqa
  • - See more at:
  • Niqab: This type is like the hijab, except it also covers part of the face, leaving only the eyes visible.
  • Burqa
  • - See more at:


    Anonymous said...

    If she doesn't like the Canadian ways she can go back where she came from. And take her 10 crazy family members with her.

    Anonymous said...

    I have a small 16lb white shi-tzu. This dog is very sweet, very quiet and super friendly.

    I had an apartment in a large 11 floor building on Sherbrooke St just this summer.

    This building has a sizeable muslim population. The muslims would not get in the elevator when my dog was there. Their kids would freak out at seeing this little white furball, the size of a medium cat.

    Once, I was waiting for the elevator and this asshole, along with his wife tells me to take my dog and use the service elevator. I get in his face and ask him 'Says who?'

    He backed away but his behavior made me really angry. I have just as much right to be there. So I googled why muslims hate dogs. I had no idea until this incident. Apparently it's yet another living thing that they just can't stand.

    I am with Harper on this one too. You can't give these people an inch.


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