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Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the TSX right now, tiny little gains are better than nothing

These days, expectations need to be put low. As soon the TSX gains, let say 20 points, or even 38 oh wait, 38.ZEROFOUR like today, we should all get very very excited. These days are not to be for investors. And it's not a good time to be an investors. Its almost hopeless. Today small gains are the only thing we can bounce of joy on. Chitty market day like any other days.

To continue on the post of yesterday because today I have nothing to say regarding the TSX or my portfolio, I am totally in favor of a $15 an hour minimum wage. It would be a revolutionary and a beautiful thing to do for Canadians. Its seem like generally speaking, Canadians do not give a shit about anything. We are not a country of warriors, we are not strong in our believe and we don't care about our next neighbor. A $15 minimum wage would represent a powerful tool to motivate those who are voluntary unemployed to get back in the workplace. A $15 wage is a tool for integration and to push away poverty. Its not already fun to work in a call center or in a fast food restaurant. But no matter what, any individual need to make a living.

By increasing the minimum wage, we are giving the chance for a better future to any Canadians, no matter what. Imagine different scenarios: university students working part-time during school year and full time during the summer; refugees holding on to their first job in Canada; new grads who cannot find right away a job in their sector... and so on. Wouldn't be a wonderful things for those people to earn a decent salary - a salary that they can actually live on without having to visit food bank.

Do we care enough for each other to give a minimum of dignity to all workers, no matter where they live Canada? I really want to see this happen for real, no matter how individualist can be our modern society.


Anonymous said...

Read and learn more about what people/jobs Mulcair will be changing to 15 min wage. Provinces set the min wage for most businesses, the fed can only apply this to federally regulated jobs, and how many people in those types of jobs do you think were not already earning 15 an hour with the unions they typically have? Mulcair is making a big deal out of this promise and it is not really anything, people are to easily drawn into these promises because they do not read the details.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny, I've been reading your blog for like 5 years. I really think you should take some of your money out of the market as a precaution, because it really looks like that 2008 collapse is about to repeat itself again, I've been listening to Peter Schiff, of course use your own judgement because this is my opinion, but I have taken more than half out of my own and diversified into Gold, Silver, and even Bitcoin. If the markets tank hard like I expect, I'll be able to buy back in really low

Sunny said...

Gold and silver are no better investments than stocks. I wouldn't rely either on Bitcoins, but that is your choice. Oil, gold, silver, their value are all down, just like the stock market is down. Having to deal with a highly volatile market is now the new norm, but it doesn't mean its going to remain like that in the year to comes. Since I start investing, we had that infamous 2008 stock crash - but the market gave us some good stuff after that and we had many correction episodes after that - but the market always recover. This time is no exception.

What I mean is that I feel that this episode is not more or less difficult than what investors went through before. I just find it very normal that at some points China had a slow down in its economy. There's no need to sell off partly a portfolio. Its not time to sell when the market is down. Panic, gold, silver or oil won't help to recover overnight anyway.


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