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Monday, December 14, 2015

This year, the TSX stole Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, but no matter what, the TSX is not treating its investors very kindly lately!! My non-registered portfolio closed at a terribly low $118 185.74. But no panic. Its just money.


I don't know for you, but when I see how deep low the TSX is going right now, its just wanna make me... RETURN MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS RIGHT DOWN TO THE STORE. (I am just kidding, of course). So far, I spent $140 on Christmas gifts. Once completed, I guess I will be around $240, very reasonable. I only have my bus ticket to pay for after that.

We can say that this year, the TSX stole Christmas! This is a nightmare coming to live.

I really wanted to see the year closed on a more positive note, but its seem like 2015 had been the shittiest of the shittiest of all.


Fred said...

Hi Sunny,

Just curious, is there a reason why you are 100% in Canadian equities ?


Warren said...

Hey Sunny,
I like your investing / finance blog, especially since I don't follow many female investors that write customized content. And I appreciate that you share your dividend-growth approach transparently on this blog. Along those lines I had a question for you. Since Canada has been in a mild recession in 2015, do you think the big Canadian banks are still reliable long-term investments? I see you own TD and BNS, both of those seem like solid companies with ex-Canada exposure and revenues. By the way, I am a young US investor so I would be potentially buying them through the NYSE.
Thanks for your help and keep up the good work,


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