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Monday, December 7, 2015

What we need to remember from Guy Turcotte second trial

It took a second trial, but at the second one, Guy Turcotte received a second degree murder verdict. My wild guess is that if a third trial would had been launched, it would probably caused mental illness to Isabelle Gaston, but Guy Turcotte could had received the sentence he truly deserved: first degree murder for killing his two children. But hey, I am wondering, since Quebec justice is so unsubstantial and incompetent, I am surprise to see that things are going to stop here. Is the show really over now?

In Quebec, the justice system is as sick as the criminals who directly benefit from its lack of intelligence and integrity. While living in Quebec province, outsiders like myself are directly exposed to a reality in which its not good to live. Quebeckers are really sick people. Never put your trust in them. 

Guy Turcotte trials were the mirror of Quebec society of today: selfish, of pure arrogance and miserable. I can read all of the stupidity of Quebec society in the conduct of what had been a second long trial - one wasn't enough, it took a second one. And during that time, other causes cannot find their way to a judge. A man killed his children, and he haven't been punished. And still today, Guy Turcotte did not received the sentence he deserved. In Quebec, justice doesn't exist. Its not possible to have a good life here.

And its exactly the kind of things that define Quebec province. In many ways, I find that Denis Coderre shares a lot in common with Guy Turcotte. Not that Denis Coderre had killed anyone - at least not of what we know of - but I find Montreal mayor has the same deep arrogance as Guy Turcotte. Denis Coderre believe he's capable of everything, and so did Guy Turcotte. He had the power, and used it to defend his own interests.

Education, health and justice system - they're a bunch of stuff that is not doing ok in Quebec. A poorer province like New Brunswick is much more efficient. In New Brunswick, it doesn't take days at the hospital to see a doctor. In New Brunswick, we don't let our children go in schools who are rotten to the core. Fact is, Quebec arrogance had build many disparities over the year and with these disparities come the incapacity of dealing with their own richness.

I thank God everyday for making me a New Brunswicker.


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