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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cash will always be king

Today, I find a 5 dollars bill on the ground on my way to work and it make my day! It was all wet because of the rain but never mind, I used the $5 to pay for my morning coffee. Its all I needed to forget about how bad my portfolio is doing right now. I am good to find things on the ground. I once find 2 $20 bills outside a bar, $10, $2. I found several metro pass, credit cards, debit cards, health cards... Finding money on the ground is one of the most exciting things ever at the time it happen.

Today TSX gains made things easier for my very delicate non-registered portfolio - it closed today session at $119 151.15. Its really not easy to be an investor these days. My portfolio look ugly ugly. While being 100% invested, its really hard to face such market volatility. Investing is fun when the stock market is gaining points, but it become less interesting when the market points on the opposite direction. 

In those difficult times, I like to put my focus on other things, among other, on my beauty blog, on my weight loss, on my job???!!!

Yes. Also.

It doesn't feel good loosing a chuck of money on the stock market. You get to feel empty inside and like real shit. While being stuck right in a stock recession, our weakness appears more. My financial weakness is to be 100% invested and not to have more money in my bank account. But an investor remain an investor - its hard to resist the appeal of the stock market. And its even harder when you had experiment the best like the worst of what it had to give.


Anonymous said...

The TSX hasn't fallen very far from all-time highs and you're already getting upset. I worry about what will happen to you when there's a real stock correction.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

May health, happiness and prosperity be yours in equal measure in the coming year.

Cheers from Calgary,Alberta

Ruth said...

Hi Sunny

thought i would check in to see how u r doing...i has open heart surgery so out for a little while. i am concerned too about my portfolio....of one likes a long go of it like this. one thing i learned is to see a few more stocks when they do go to the top. i , like you, am makin dividends but oh to see the stocks go down so heavy everyday , cant go to GIC... a hard time for many that do not have time.
hey way to go in taking your mom on a sunny holiday! Ruth

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

Its good to received news from you. I hope you are doing better. These days, the stock market is too hard - it could worth it to invest some of your money in GIC. I plan to do so myself, I am trying to leave some money in my bank account - but its difficult, stock market remain somewhat of an attraction.


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