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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And what if Donald Trump was right after all regarding his Muslims ban proposal?

Yesterday, my non-registered portfolio closed at $121 220. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at $120 595.97. Is it going to continue going lower and lower like that or what??!! This is rough and not fun at all. At 35 years old, I was imaging myself as pretty as I am, but in much much better financial situation! Anyway, when the market drop like this, I know the drill. The best is to ignore what's going on and act like it doesn't matter. 

While we are waiting to "welcome" 25 000 Syrian refugees, our stock market is going all the way down, real Canadians are losing their jobs, Liberal party had cut our TFSA contribution to $5 500, we'll soon going to face deep red deficit from that same government... Should we really welcoming as many refugees? Canada is not strong enough financially speaking to cover such heavy costs. The mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre had hired a special adviser to co-ordinate Montreal's efforts to welcome Syrian  refugees. And to do so, Micheal Dorais, our new refugee coordinator, will earn $1800 per day! Its so scandalous, especially knowing how heavily tax are the homeowners here in Montreal. 

I would be curious to know how much it will cost us, Canadians, to welcome 25 000 Syrian refugees. But this is not a straight cost. Because it will take several years for those refugees to learn the language and find a job. And during that time, it will be our tax money that will feed those Muslims. 

There's a lot of common sense in the message that is trying to deliver Donald Trump these days. While facing the possibility of having to deal again with terrorist attacks, its just really logical to ban everyone who's Muslim from entering the country. Its of a perfect logic. Its unfortunately not possible to tell who are the good Muslims from the bad. And while facing the possibility of a "maybe" a another terrorist attack could happen, well, its the government to play its role and protect the citizens.

After all, look at what had build Muslims around the world. There's no success stories to tell. The Muslim religion itself had grow strong and stronger while facing wars. Muslims have to deal with their heritage. Its not our duty to live and pay for them.

At a time of incertitude, we need to fight for ourselves, not for Muslims that we don't know anything about. Life and the well-being of our country is to precious to take any chances, but Justin Trudeau is truly disconnected and live in a world of dreams.


Liquid said...

I totally agree. It should be perfectly understandable to temporarily stop immigration due to terrorism risks until the country's leaders can come up with a solution. I'm also pretty upset the lower TFSA room next year. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,

Don't worry, be happy.

You're only 35. You have lots of time in your investment window.
Stock market always go up in the long run.

Let's get over it and welcome the Syrian.
We have enough resources to accommodate them.

Anonymous said...

Too bad cause I happen to be Muslim and a Canadian. Glad Canada decided to help these human beings who will grow up and invest in Canada. Who knows, maybe one of them holds the cure for cancer in their brain?

Try not to let your values be determined by money, as hard as that may be for you.


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