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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Can the TSX stock market hit on back the 14 000 points by the end of the trading year?

For one day - yesterday - we were back in business! The TSX gains almost 200 point yesterday. Its feeling good, and in result, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $127 074.61. I am secretly dreaming that the TSX will closed this super shitty trading year on the 14 000 points. But am I dreaming too much?

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Oil sectors had left many unemployed. Its truly heartbreaking to read testimonies of Alberta workers who are having a real hard time. The value of houses had decreased in area of Fort McMurray and time will come when banks will suffer from all the monetary loses. Recently, BMO and Scotia Bank announced enormous profits. I guess that helped in yesterday gains.

But sooner or later, the TSX is going to go down hard - one more time. Liberal government is not helping in any way. We are dealing with real issues in Canada. We cannot afford to overspend - but already - Justin Trudeau is hiring TWO nannies to take care of his 3 children. But why is that? Hew wife Sophie Grégoire doesn't currently have no real job, she doesn't have any occupation. Grégoire is a stay-at-home mom. So why does Justin Trudeau is employing two nannies to take care of his family? Its because Sophie Grégoire is a lazy bitch who want to play her first lady role and want all the advantages associated with it, including employing nannies using our tax money. And more than anything else, Sophie Grégoire want to be "a lady of the world". But she's not. When that woman speaks, she sound retarded.

I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau. He's not the man Canada needs but Canadians were not bright enough to see that clearly. We are going to go down in mountains of debt, oil sector will probably remains as it is for a while, banks are going to make less money and... the stock market will go down, again and again and again.


Anonymous said...

I personally like Trudeau and his wife, they are a lot more refreshing than the old politicians. They are more down to earth and can relate to us Canadians. As far as our banks and our economy, we will go through some rough spot like any other economies and for that reason you shouldn't have all your eggs in one nest. You need to diversify outside of Canada for better opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see the government spending more when the economy is weak and it costs almost nothing to borrow. Harper should have apologized for balancing the budget at the same time the country was slipping into recession. That was a huge error by the conservatives.


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