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Monday, July 25, 2016

A brand new money saving tip coming... from the mother of the Dividend Girl herself

I just came back from one week vacation in New Brunswick. This time, I was in Shediac area. I came back to Montreal with a sexy caramel tan that you can only dream of. Unfortunately, you won't be seeing any pictures of that here, but you can, at least, enjoy these:

(Pictures will probably be download later on).

Before going away for my too short vacation, remember, I invested in two stocks that I picked from Stockopedia. I invested in Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN) inside my non-registered portfolio and I also invested in Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) for my RRSP portfolio. My investment in PLC worked very well and I can thank my wonderful flair and of course Stockopedia for the good move. PLC gain $118.01 within 2 weeks. As for MRG.UN, my plan was to come back to Montreal and sell MRG.UN at profit, but it just didn't happen as no gain had been registered for MRG.UN so far. I came in too late on this one to enjoy quick gains. 

However, I have a few alternatives. I could go and sell Savaria Corporation (SIS) because I already made a $127 profit on it, but I prefer to hold it in the house for now. So far, I made a $124 gain on Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN) inside my TFSA. But same story here, I won't sell a stock that I believe have chances to gain more just to pay off some debt. And I won't sell any stocks that I made extremely good profit on because those are the invisible diamond rings that I have on each of my fingers. No one can see them, only I. I see $1 100 gain on AGU, $1 416 gain on BNS, $410 gain on BCE... And I have others like that. My most beautiful pearl of all is Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH), on which I made a $17 000 profit on so far. 

I spent exactly $1 264 for my 1 week vacation in New Brunswick. I also spent one day in Prince Edward Island. I didn't purchase any clothes before going. And I didn't purchase any clothes on site or either much on souvenirs because I am going back anyway next year - I hope. I have a margin debt of $66 832 that I normally try to keep at not higher than 65k. And I also have a $4 500 debt on a credit line. I spent $939.25 on my credit card for my vacation. I currently have $7 271.25 in debt that I am looking forward to pay as quickly as possible. I currently have a $621 available to pay off my credit card. I have $148.43 in cash from my TFSA. I am waiting for an online payment of at least $102.44 from Google. My next paycheck on August 5 should bring in $1250... That bring down the debt to $5 149.38. It will probably take me at least until November to pay it down. Its totally a choice of mine, but this is what it is to carry on debt.

You know, before going to vacation, I clean my fridge, and I throw away stuff what was going to be lost. And I throw away my milk. But do you know what my mom did at home? She put her milk in the frozen so she wouldn't lose it!!! I mean, who does that, putting milk in the frozen??!!! Going back to New Brunswick is always a reality check. Its hard to imagine all the creativity that can be use to stretch a few bucks. My mom is good at that. I used to be good at it too. But over the years, I dislocated my gifts. I turn into a wacky princess who make money and spend money. A lot of it. Its not easy to save money while living in Montreal. But no worries, its going to be easier now. I have no more time to waste, especially now that I am soon turning.... 36 years old!!! My $200 000 is just so around the corner. A few good news, my net worth probably is exceeding the 165k right now and my dividend income, excluding RRSP, is at $6 725.64, very close to the so wanted $7 000. Just so close to everything.

Remember readers, don't throw away your milk if you go away for vacation, freeze it instead. (I still cannot believe!!!!).

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