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Saturday, July 30, 2016

For the first time in history, the Dividend Girl is welcoming a net worth of $164 403.10

I was curious to update my portfolio and see what the final numbers were looking like. I was hoping for a 168k net worth, but at $165 403.10, I am a little bit lower than estimated. At least, I am at mi highest net value ever. Will I be able to hit on the 170k mark in time for my 36 birthday? And a 200k by the end of the year? We'll have to be patient and see.

165k is not a lot in term of net worth for a 36 years old, but at least, I am trying. Only 4 years ahead before I hit the big forty. And at that time, I would like to be sitting on a $300 000 net worth. Its possible, but the stock market will be on my side.

I have a rough night, I didn't sleep very well and I was up on my feet at.. 7:30! So my morning was busy updating my portfolio. I went saw Jason Bourne with Matt Damon yesterday it may what disturbed my beauty sleep. Like always, Matt Damon is delivering a strong performance. I love every movies he's in.

I have to say that I cheat on my net worth. Its currently of $164 403.10. Next week is pay day, I will have a $1 000 to put down on my credit line. That's not really cheating, isn't?

All of my new stocks pick had made by using Stockopedia had done very well - at the exception of Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN). I am especially marvelously impress by Park Lawn Corporation (PLC). It find it place inside my RRSP. And I am currently thinking about selling MRG.UN and replace it by PLC.

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Unknown said...

You'll get to $300,000 by 40. Just keep doing what you're doing. Nice job.


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