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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcoming MRG.UN and PLC in my portfolio! Go go go!

I always wanted to visit Nice, the south of France. Its hard to believe what happen in that paradise city today, especially on the day of their national celebration. These days, everything and anything can happen. We had tragic events of our own in New Brunswick a few years ago when Justin Bourque shot 5 RCMP officers, killing 3 of them, in Moncton. It was the attack of a man suffering from mental illness.

I am soon about to hit to New Brunswick for my vacation so I decided it was time to buy my bus ticket... I took the metro yesterday and I almost suffocated. It was so hot. I may by turning 36 years old, but I was asked by the rep if I was a student... You just cannot know how much I was happy. Especially knowing that 20 years ago, I was celebrating my sweet sixteen, and now at 36, what am I celebrating? Well, I thing I can highly celebrate the fact that I don't do my age. Thank you God, the angels and all the saints. For now, time had stopped at, let say, at my 27 birthday or something like that. Its acceptable for now.

Air doesn't circulate in my little apartment and I am burning in the hot heat, but it was even worst yesterday. I am now vacation ready and I can't wait to escape Montreal, even if its for a few days. I am getting tired of browsing Stockopedia, its going to be nice to be away for a little while. I don't worry for my portfolio. I have $26 000 left on my margin, I should be fine. I guess that my net worth is about of 162k-163k for now. If the whole Europe shut their mouth until August 27, I may be able to celebrate my 36 birthday with a 170k net work if the TSX hit on the 15 000 points or less.

I secretly bought some Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN) stocks hoping it will go high. As for Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), it went for my RRSP. I think I made good choices with those two. I am not in a rush to sell MRG.UN but I am in need of money. Its probably about $800 that I am going to spend for my vacations so yeah, Stockopedia is better be my next everything. We'll see.

So have fun on Stockopedia until you overdose and enjoy the summer until August 27.

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