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Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello net worth of $161 998.64, please stay around forever

It rain most of the weekend and on Saturday morning, it was quite cold. Before hitting to the gym, I took time to update my portfolio and debt. It all result with a net worth of $161 998.64, which is probably of 162k+ today because my non-registered portfolio alone closed the session at $140 524.65. So its all going pretty well and pretty strong. I am doing very well with my Savaria Corporation (SIS). I am very proud of this one. I place my SIS investment inside my non-registered portfolio using margin money. You'll notice that I have a new debt holding next to my margin. I am trying to keep my margin usage at not more than 65k. I decided to take money from one of my credit line to secure it. Luckily, the interest rate of that credit line is only of 4%. My margin debt is currently of $65 714.38.

I spent quite some money this summer and in result, I didn't have any fresh cash available to invest when I discovered SIS. Even if I feel like I have nothing to wear and that I would really like to purchase a new pair of sandals and a new bathing suit for my upcoming vacation, and new summer dress, well believe it or not, I am purchasing anything new for my wardrobe until, at least, the end of the summer. 

One other thing that is helping me a lot to save money is that I stopped coloring my hair a couple weeks ago. I have an amazing hairdresser who was able to wash away all of that sexy red shade I used to have in my hair to return to my natural color, which is more blond than red. I used to get my hair coloration done every 4 to 6 weeks at the salon. Imagine the kind of money that I am saving now! And I think I look better with my natural color anyway. Maybe its because I am getting older. Remember, I will be turning 36 on August 27!!!!!!!!!

And believe it or not, I have received a birthday gift BEFORE my birthday, that is cheating, but its not a gift coming from me-to-me like my Aldo purse that I got a couple of weeks ago: its much more interesting and coming straight from the UK, can you even believe. I received a trial for Stockopedia. I had been using it for only 2 days now, but I really like it. Honestly, Stockopedia is an amazing tool for any investors. For someone like me who's always in search of something new to invest in, trust me, I am having a fun time going through all kind of stock lists. The site is rich of all sort of articles and really easy to consult. Each Canadian stocks have its own page that contain the regular info you can find in your broker account + extra info you won't find anywhere else, like different kind of rankings that give you an idea of what's behind all of those numbers that you never truly understand. Different screening give investors nice options for stock search. Instead of waiting for Susan Brunner, Derek Foster or Jean-François Tardif to came over with the stock of my dream, I can just jump in the pool and search, search, search! YEAH! Fun? Oh yes.

I started this blog almost 10 years ago and ever since, my journey had been mostly about what will be my next investment. The ultimate search that have no end to it is to find my next Methanex Corporation (MX), Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH), New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) or Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) - stocks I made several thousands on. What's going my next best thing? For now, its SIS, but tomorrow, it could be something else.

I could go through all of the TSX stocks, look at the chart of all of them, one after the other, but that will be exhausting and will required a lot of my time. All this to say that Stockopedia offer different direction and option for all of your searches. And its really enjoyable. You may want to give it a try. Even if your not the Dividend Girl, you can have a 14 days free trial with Stockopedia!!! Aren't you so lucky? Have fun and enjoy!

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