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Sunday, April 2, 2017

A TSX shame: Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)

All the drama surrounding Bombardier Inc. compensation executives just keep making me laugh hard. I hope that investors wake up and realize that this is not a reliable and honest company to invest in. And on top of that, I hope that potential buyers go seek other options. At $2.04 per share, Bombardier is not exactly a top choice for any serious investment portfolio. You build grow and health on reliable companies, not on Bombardier shit juice. I had invested in Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) in the past, but I got lucky, I sold at profit and get out there because I found that just like you could expected from a Quebec company, Bombardier has no integrity what so ever. The company promise something, and what you know next is that they just simply cannot delivered. The C Series is de la poudre aux yeux. Eventual buyers need to wake up and buy their airplanes at home and they need to do so to boost their very own economy. I want Bombardier to suffer and declare bankruptcy. Its their ultimate punishment for not managing well my tax money. 

You never get away of post topics with those Quebec idiots. 

With champagne and caviar, we had celebrated on April 1th my first 200k net worth. In the past decade, many things happen on the financial scene. When I first invested in stock, shortly after, the stock markets worldwide were collapsing. It was back in 2008. Its always hard to invest when the marks are down, but its the best and easiest way to benefit from the capitalist game. If you would had tell me that 9 years later I would have $200 000, I probably wouldn't believe you. I am just at the border where I about to get rich for real. Things really began to speed up for me following my 100k net worth.

Stock investment doesn't required any financial qualifications, If you have a good judgement and are able to make decisions, you'll be doing well and really fine. I can tell you because my super strong good common sense and judgement are my best weapons in this game. And you'll need to check on the TSX and on your stocks every business day.

I still remembered ages ago trying to put $300 in a GIC at the bank for my RRSP, but I needed $500. That was way before being a blogger. GICs were giving really poor return. So I started searching, and found out about mutual funds. There was those high fund fees and the return were so-so for those I checked on. I wasn't very impressed. There must be a way to get better on my money. That's when the most difficult part came in. The whole stock investing process was so uncleared. And than I find Derek Foster and his Stop Working book and the rest is history and can be read in 10 years of glamorous sexy blogging so enjoy and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Why would you want Bombardier to declare bankruptcy? Have you thought of the company's employees losing their jobs?

Sunny said...

Employees losing job would simply be a sad consequence of bad management. Got to have the big picture in mind.

Anonymous said...

Employees losing their jobs would simply be a sad consequence of bankruptcy!!!!!!


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