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Sunday, April 9, 2017

I now have an Ivanka Trump winter coat!

Spring is the perfect time to do an in deep cleaning of our little belongings. Personally, I like to do the cleaning of my wardrobe once in a while. And I just end up giving 3 full bags of clothes that I wasn't wearing anymore. I always think that no one will wear my ugly old clothes, but less fortunate may like what I consider ugly or don't fit well anymore. So I end up giving them, normally I drop them at Renaissance.

I only have a tiny little one and a half apartment, but you'll be surprise by the time I spend cleaning and I hope you do the same because being clean is as important as being thrifty. One cannot go without the other. I just completed this weekend my spring cleaning and it felt good being done with it before finally leaving Montreal for a few days. And I celebrate all of that with a little shopping trip at La Baie which is probably my favorite downtown store, and after came Le Château at the corner of St-Denis and Rachel, but the store will soon close. 

Imagine that the current Hudson's Bay store was open for as far away as during the Second World War and maybe even before. My grandmother remembered that the woman of the Westmount house were she had worked for during a few months during the war used to have lunch there with her friends. Hudson's Bay was the socialist spot of the Westmount high class ladies. There's a part of history that no one really catch while being so busy shopping.

Imagine that I bought an Ivanka Trump blue ivy winter coat at a bargain price: $180 after taxes. I will have it for next year because for now, spring is really in the air in Montreal.

Nice jacket, don't you think so? Its quite hard to take great pictures of clothes. Generally speaking, I think Ivanka Trump clothes are nice. I continue my shopping trip by buying a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a blouse, and a really nice summer dress Ralph Lauren. Not  so thrifty but I have to say that my spring and summer wardrobe is all set so I won't be spending a dime in clothes for the next few months.

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