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Sunday, April 23, 2017

My non-registered portfolio is now at a mega-pow-wow: $163 472.34!!!

This past Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed at $163 472.34, my TFSA at $61 359.05 and RRSP (stocks only) $36 003.03. I estimated my net worth to be of $203 232.89. If my assets just continue to grow this easily, I will be hitting on the 250k in less than 2 years. I prefer to focus on the capital gains rather than on dividend because its much easier and it seem like that portfolio of mine only want to grow. 

Its seem like Wall Street was affected by the elections in France. The way the elections are being conducted in France is really interesting. I like their 2 election rounds system - at least one thing I like of France. No real surprise, in this first round, Macron and Le Pen won. Its not the first time in history that the Front National move on to the second round. If I am not mistaking, back in 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen and Jacques Chirac were the two candidates for the second election round. I had the feeling that the vast majority didn't want of Jacques Chirac, but medias and personalities pushed the vote in his favor. Jean-Marie Le Pen wasn't an option. The Front National represented and still represent a real danger for France. Its a party of all extremes that closed its door to the Euro and to immigrants. I am not in favor of Muslims myself and immigrants generally speaking, but France being France, located in Europe, its normal to find more immigrants in Europe rather than in Canada. There's some problems that need to be resolve within the Euro zone and it request a real open leadership like the one that Macron can provide. Marine is the direct continuity of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen. The problem with the Front National is that immigrants are totally excluded from their program. The FN is not an open government and its not a government who have the answers to properly deal with the current problems they have in France. Macron need to win so immigrants can stay in France and not overcrowd us in Canada and let Canadians occupy the jobs that we deserve.

In many ways, I could be a Front National activist, but I know the party too well to be in favor of it. It will be all too long to explain. But let say quickly that its not because I am not in favor of immigration that I am racist. I am in favor of Canadians and our government do not make enough for Canadians. We don't have any work system to make sure that businesses across the country hired Canadians before hiring immigrants. Under Justin Trudeau, we are not safe. And we are not rich enough as a country to welcome the immigrant mass coming right now from the US, and that may come also from as far as France if Le Pen won the second round. Its a matter of common sense.

There's no doubt in my mind, Macron is going to win the second run. It will be just like in 2002, medias and French personalities will all stand behind Marcon. I think French people will do the right choice. I think they understand the necessity of being part of Europe. In difficult times, the timing is not right to go cut link to Europe like the Brits did. For once, French need to be better than the English.  

All this political analysis had been done, I can now say that my annual dividend income, excluding the dividend earn inside my RRSP, is at $7 339.85. Not bad considering that it take thousands and thousands of dollars in investment to reach that amount of cash in dividend. Dividend income need to be seen as a bonus, and not as a goal or a necessity. To protect your capital, you need to invest in quality and quality stock will pay a reasonable dividend that grow overtime. The amount earn now might seem as small, but you should always invest like me for the long run. If not, you'll invest in junk stocks and lose money. Once again, its a matter of common sense. You need to be strong like rock and only trust your Dividend Girl.

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