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Monday, April 3, 2017

My non-registered portfolio is now at $160 945.21

My non-registered portfolio just closed today session at its highest value ever: $160 945.21. Watch out and make some space for my first $250 000 please. This is just too easy to be true. I am not in an in deep hunger of new investments at this time because I have no views on new investments. Its always surprising, but at a point, I must admit, I am holding on to the best of the best. Difficult to do better.

I would like to pay down a bit on my margin account and I need to put some money on the side for my Spring and later on summer vacation. Time is passing by really quickly, its quite shocking, and at the same time, by portfolio is just soo good that its keep growing and growing and I just have nothing to do, if not watch. And please note, I do not hold Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) in that superb piece of art of mine. Only the best, flush the rest.

Its been said that Methanex Corporation (MX) will soon raise its dividend. Well, to that, I can only say: its about f time!!!!!

Stuff that I know that you should know too: while investing in dividend stock, the goal is not to invest in business that pay the highest dividend yield ever. Its about investing in reliable companies who are healthy enough to pay off dividend distribution to their investors and among the way, those exact great companies increase their dividend distribution over time.

Dividend investing is an affair that required patience and pure money love because richness won't come overnight. Like in my case, it took a decade to happen. With the cuttiest and more innocent domain name ever,, I guess everyone might had understand by now that my ultimate goal had never been to aspire to millions, but to build on a cash reserve and income that I can rely on. Over time, great things happen, but the road is full of traps: bad companies with bad reputation trade on the TSX - like Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) - and risky companies paying high dividend yield also trade on the TSX. So the TSX is a mix of good and bad investments, a mix of good and bad things.

And its not the only things that come to play unfortunately. You need to know when to sale. If the TSX lost 200 points in a day for whatever reasons, fact is, the stocks that you hold in your portfolio will probably go down too and that's really normal. In that case, its not the time to sell.

Sometimes, a stock will go down and it will be a warning sign and you must follow your stock to catch any problems that could show up among the way. Common sense is not always present on the stock market, but sometimes, stock go down for obvious reasons. The best example would be a recent one: Stella Jones (SJ). SJ went down when the expectations of analysts were not met. So I did like everyone else: I dumped my SJ shares and made hundred in profits. In date of today, I have a few thousands inside my RRSP resulting from the sell waiting to be invested. I prefer to follow the movement and sell when something like this happen.

However, the goal is to invest in such great companies that most of the time, you won't have to face sell off. This is difficult, but can be done.

Now that you have all the tools in hands, go for the money and good luck.


Jill said...

I want to begin dividend investing and have saved 50,000. I sold my mutual funds and want to purchase some dividend stocks but the market is so high. Would you recommend that I just buy some good quality stocks now even though the prices are high or should I wait for a pull back. What would you do? I am 25 years old.
Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Sunny said...

Hi Jill,

Wow, $50 000 and you are 25? I think I was older when I hit on my first 50k... Let me check that... Oh, I was actually 29!!!!

If I could go back in time, there's a whole bunch of things that I would do differently. And there's nothing I would like more to provide you all the good answers.

You can invest a bit of your money now to get a taste of the market. I would start with a 2-3k investment to start... And I would keep the rest in the bank for now and invest from time to time. But no matter what, don't invest it all in the market. If 50k is all you have, remember that cash is king and there's nothing more important than to have cash left in the bank. In that matter, I am terrible example, but you have to be stronger than me in that sense. I start investing in stock because I didn't have money. In your case, its different, you have the money, so treat it wisely. As soon as you invest your money in stock, your money is never put at safe. There's no 100% investment guarantee when it come to stock.

Stock market is all weird stuff, you never know when a new financial crisis will arrive. Great things happen on the market, but bad things too.

Stay away from gold and silver, don't day trader, be an investor rather than a trader. And what else can I say? You might like to read Derek Foster books. Warren Buffett too.

CNR, BNS, CM, FTS, SAP, X are stocks that you could considered as first investment. My famous ACO.Y is riskier.

Enjoy the ride because its going to be a very wild one! :)


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