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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Because a $163 003.95 non-registered portfolio is better than anything else

You may had notice, I got a little problem with my fabulous domain, but I am now back and running as beautiful as ever before. I just came back yesterday from a little trip in New Brunswick. I didn't have a direct Internet access and I didn't bother to access, like I do most of the time when I go to New Brunswick. And what about my portfolio during that time? It did fantastically well. And more strangely, it felt good to be back in Montreal. Its nice to be where I am from when the weather is nice, but we actually got snow and I only had my autumn coat, as I had left my newest Ivanka Trump winter coat at home... And when I wake up this morning, I was very tired, as I try to fix my domain problem. I was able to get it fix during the day. I never called sick at work, but its a good thing I didn't as another girl had called sick today... It was in the air.

Can you really believe what you had just read? I actually never miss a single day of work of my life! Fact is, I am never ever sick. This girl is really as strong as her portfolio. Because guess what, despite the fact that the TSX lost 69.69 points, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at very good $163 003.95. Today is an historical date. My non-registered portfolio never been so high. And its quite self-satisfying knowing that the special even is happening today, on a day where the TSX had almost lost 70 points. So just keep reading because you really never know what can happen around here! This is what happen when you are holding on desperately to the best of the best TSX stocks.

My TFSA account is at $61 464.97 and my RRSP at $35 852.93. This lead my net worth to an approximate $209 013.71. Its really getting closer to the 250k, that's for sure!!!

Its all good and nice, but I am looking to beef up my saving account with a few thousands more to cover the costs of upcoming vacations - some other ones - and also, nothing new, but I would like to pay down my margin, even if my non-registered portfolio is strong enough to support it. Things are going well for now, but we don't know what tomorrow will be made of. I like Donald Trump, but right now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, he's treating Canadians like complete idiots. And I am quite scare.


Anonymous said...

A warm welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Sunny baby, why are you quite scare?


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