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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Acadian Investors! And welcome in my TFSA portfolio Novo Resources Corp (NVO)!!!

Happy Acadian Day! On this special day, my non-registered closed the session at $175 625.02. This is feeling great. Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) closed today session at $99.63 per stock - which its is very highest value EVER. Is it a conicidence that its happening on a August 15th? Not at all! I am probably the most enthusiast, PBH publicist of all Canadian and Acadian investors and its not without a reason. I made close to +500% on that single investment. Its why its my very precious investment.

Savaria Corporation (SIS) had been catching up with the recent loses and decided to bounce back at $13.70 and make me happy, because today is my Acadian special day. Following the announcement of a new acquisition oversea, WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is catching up. Even Just Energy is going up!!! It look to me that of of those stocks of mine finally decided to support me and is pushing it forward so I can be super rich and super fresh on August 27.

Today, I had invested in Novo Resources Corp (NVO) inside my TFSA. I got in at $5.42 per share. I notice that I had closed to $500 in my TFSA cash available to invest and I decided to move on something. That money came from dividend distribution that I touched inside my TFSA.  It was hard not to notice NVO today. I barely read about the deal, but something special is going on for Novo Resources Corp (NVO) and I hope to make some good money on this investment. Never stop trying. You just never know which stock is going to sky rocket.

JWEL is also going pretty well.

Chances are that I might be hitting for something big right on time for my birthday. I knew that my fabulous TSX wasn't going to let me down.

Fact in, when you are Acadian, its not blood you have in your veins, its success. I am not standing on the misery of my ancestors for nothing at all. Marc Cohodes can shit on me on Twitter and try to get his finger on karma, I am invincible.

And during that time, Bill Clinton, a sexual predator, is getting a warm welcome from Quebeckers. Only those people can be idots enough to welcome that cheater and his poor wife.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Savaria go up yesterday. Hope the trend continues. I'm hoping for another 30% divvy increase in September. My superstar stock is now Brookfield Infrastructure. I've held for about 3 years, and it keeps going up and has a great divvy that keeps increasing nicely. I'm debating about taking some profits as I got burnt first with Torc Oil and Gas, then ZCL Composites, and now Savaria where I should have taken some profits at the top (it always looks obvious in hindsight). I think it's true when they say that "Pigs get slaughtered".

PS I also love Premium Brands - just wish I had a larger position. Also love New Flyer but it recently took a tumble.

Best Wishes for Huge Profits and Upcoming Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

What is Acadian Day? I never got the day off work. Are you sure it's not A Canadian Day?


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