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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Me and Ivanka Trump

I came home late this evening because I was busy shopping for an upcoming wedding. I already know which dress my mom will be wearing. Its a simple, but pretty dress. I didn't want to override her outfit by wearing something more dressier. I already have  dress that could do the thing in my wardrobe. But I decided to stop by La Baie.

In Montreal, La Baie store is located right downtown and its certainly the best of the best shopping spot. I tried many dresses of course. I fall in love with Tadashi Shoji dresses. Unfortunately, its a bit too much, as explain, I cannot be prettier than my mom. I tried this dress on. It was really pretty, it was the perfect dress. However, quite expensive. And I couldn't resist, I also try this one, but in a shorter version - it was real pretty too. Tadashi Shoji is an amazing designer. Too bad my mom isn't wearing something more classy. It was fun to try on some princess dresses.

I kept shopping and I stopped by some Ivanka Trump dresses. I don't know if you remember, but I had bought an Ivanka Trump winter coat a little while ago. Fact is, I like Ivanka Trump designs. She has really nice stuff. I decided to buy this Ivanka Trump dress. Its looking real pretty on me. Want to see?

There you go readers, the first pic ever of the Dividend Girl on this blog:

Looking great or what??!!! Oh check, you can see some of my blond hair!!! Wowwwww LOL

The lady at La Baie told me that it wasn't a convenient dress for a wedding because of the zipper it has on the front, but I will be the bad ass wearing a dress with a zipper at a wedding. I now own that Ivanka Trump dress. There's a nice stretch into it to keep the little but existing beer belly all in and not out. I am going to bring that dress and the other one I had in mind for the wedding with me when time come.

I spent an entire evening shopping for that Ivanka Trump dress. Now, I need a white purse and a white sandals. When the TSX get boring, go outside shopping and spend all that money.


Anonymous said...

200% Sexy on you!! I can't wait until fall when the leaves fall off and reveal more! Remember me out West you pure sexiness! West Coast Counterpart

Sunny said...


Unknown said...

Sexy for sure!


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